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14 Mar 2017
14:00bweston92How can I read an attachment from an IMAP path so I can upload it to my S3 that I have a presigned request for?
15:59wsmwkJoeS1: you getting more rain and sleet than snow?
16:02JoeS1wsmwk: all rain, much of it in my basement. snow would have been better
16:03* JoeS1 had to use a pump in my back yard
19:41acemanPaenglab: hi
19:41Paenglabaceman: hello
19:42acemanPaenglab: I can't try it on Mac :)
19:42acemancan you see what event.button returns when you right click?
19:43Paenglabaceman: How can I see it?
19:45acemanPut Components.utils.reportError(event.button) as the first line in getClickedResultRow()
19:46acemanin patch
19:46firebot ASSIGNED, Contacts sidebar: Fix wrong selection and context menu behaviour, and implement sidebar AB context m
19:51acemanthen see in error console
19:53PaenglabMACaceman: 2 1 abContactsPanel.js:33
19:53PaenglabMAC contactsListOnContextMenu chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abContactsPanel.js:33:1
19:53PaenglabMAC oncontextmenu chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abContactsPanel.xul:1:1
19:54acemanso the value is 2?
19:55acemanok, please also output aEvent.detail
19:55PaenglabAlways, no matter when first on empty space or then on contact and after this again on empty space.
19:58acemanok, you could also output 'row' to be sure
20:12Paenglabaceman: detail says 0 and row undefined, no matter where the cusor is.
20:13acemanthe output must be below the 'let row = gAbResultsTree.treeBoxObject.getRowAt(aEvent.clientX, aEvent.clientY);' line
20:21Paenglabstill get 2, 0 and undefined.
20:23acemanok, I try the same now
20:24PaenglabI see I used aEvent.row. Now checking with only row.
20:24acemanyeah, only row
20:24acemanI get, 2,1,0 when right clicking first contact
20:25acemanlet row = gAbResultsTree.treeBoxObject.getRowAt(aEvent.clientX, aEvent.clientY);
20:30PaenglabIt's 2.0.0 on first and counts up. On empty space it's 2.0.-1
20:32acemanso that's weird
20:32acemancan you try right double click?
20:34PaenglabNo change
20:37PaenglabIt only works when I deselect the contact with left click in empty space and then right click. Right click in empty space doesn't deselect the contact.
20:37acemanyeah, but why is event.detail 0
20:38acemanI see event.detail == 1 checks across m-c and c-c and I see no exceptions for Mac
20:38PaenglabWhen I left click it's 1
20:42acemanI could ignore the detail for right button
20:42acemancould we want other action for double right click?
20:42acemansuch event is probably never used for anything :)
20:44PaenglabMaybe it's also because the original Mac mouse has only one mouse button.
20:45acemanbut the .detail distinhuishes single and double click
20:45acemanis there no double click on the mouse?
20:46acemanplease change the following condition to:
20:46aceman if ((row < 0 || row > gAbResultsTree.view.rowCount - 1) &&
20:46aceman ((aEvent.detail == 1 && aEvent.button == 0) || aEvent.button == 2)) {
20:47PaenglabThe middle button shows 1.1.-1
20:47PaenglabBut it does nothing
20:58acemandoes the condition work better?
21:05PaenglabWhich condition?
21:09aceman(21:46:18) aceman: please change the following condition to:
21:09aceman(21:46:19) aceman: if ((row < 0 || row > gAbResultsTree.view.rowCount - 1) &&
21:09aceman(21:46:19) aceman: ((aEvent.detail == 1 && aEvent.button == 0) || aEvent.button == 2)) {
21:18acemanthe condition inside getClickedResultRow()
21:21PaenglabNo change. But the event.detail is 0. Only left click is 1.
21:30acemanso I ignore .detail for right click
21:30acemanso if event.button ==2 for right click, the condition should be met
21:31acemanregardless of .detail
21:31acemanand selection reset
21:32PaenglabOne moment. Something wasn&#39;t correct on my side.
21:35PaenglabOn Linux and Windows use CTRL and on Mac I need to use the Windows button on the keyboard.
21:35PaenglabAhh, yes the new condition works on Mac. :)
21:36acemanwhy ctrl and Win button?
21:38PaenglabMac is different CTRL-C is on Mac (with my Windows keyboard attached to the Mac) Windows-C. Mac names this button Command.
21:39PaenglabAnd I&#39;m used to use the CTRL button and then it doesn&#39;t what I want. :(
21:40acemanok, so what is the result?
21:40acemandid you needlessly press something affecting event.detail?
21:41PaenglabThis works:
21:41Paenglab(21:46:19) aceman: if ((row < 0 || row > gAbResultsTree.view.rowCount - 1) &&
21:41Paenglab(21:46:19) aceman: ((aEvent.detail == 1 && aEvent.button == 0) || aEvent.button == 2)) {
21:41acemanso is event.detail still 0 for you?
21:43PaenglabYes, with right click. With left click it&#39;s 1.
21:44acemanso can I upload this patch?
21:44PaenglabYes, need to test on Windows.
21:51Paenglabaceman: Works on Windows too. ui-r+ from me.
21:53PaenglabThanks for your work.
15 Mar 2017
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