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14 Jul 2017
09:52wsmwksomeone in #thunderbird mentioned "Hi! I noticed that the provider data for zoho mail is missing in the Mozilla DB. is down"
10:19Fallensancus: ^^ ?
10:22sancuswsmwk: Fallen: There's no
10:22sancusoh, he's saying that a provider is missing from the ispdb
10:23FallenI'm not sure really, just making connections in case you know anything :)
10:24sancuswsmwk: just direct him to with emphasis on the part that says file a bug with a config file
10:25sancusthe old python ispdb is dead and not coming back so that's the process
10:25sancusI'm -> sleep tho
10:26sancusfor a second when I saw ispdb and 'down' I thought the server was down and somehow none of the monitoring had gone off, lol
10:27wsmwkFallen: A month ago for 55.0b1 I did "* 'kk' locale remove from l10 changesets". are we in same situation today?
10:51wsmwkkk shows the same cset, so I'll exclude it for now
15 Jul 2017
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