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13 Sep 2017
01:24wsmwkwow, if crash-stats is to believed, we might have a new high of beta users - 37,700 ADI for 56.0b3
17:14jorgkaceman: Hi.
17:15jorgkaceman: Can I have my two r+ now? And what are we going to do with the failing test? Adding sleep(2000) is not the right solution, right?
17:16jorgkaceman: I also forwarded you an e-mail from Boris about already_addrefed.
17:17acemanIt seems my build finished so I'll look at the test now
17:18jorgkgreat. Instead of the sleep maybe we can wait for the panel to load completely.
17:19acemanI get some new ugliness in the build output
17:20acemantar: mochijar/chrome/mochikit/content/jetpack-package-harness.js: file was deleted before it could be read
17:20acemanon 4 files
17:20acemando you get that?
17:27jorgkaceman: No. I built before 12 noon, FRG reports problems after the 13:33 M-C merge.
17:34acemanstrangely I do not get the test failure
17:53acemanjorgk: is the EnumerateFonts() now async? Or the EnumerateFontsAsync variant (that probably is). And the populating of the menulist is now async too that the sleep worked for you?
17:53jorgkaceman: That's totally possible. I see three empty font boxes. With adding sleep() I can see them fill.
17:54acemanI do not even see the dialog, it just flickers away
17:54acemanand the test passes
17:54jorgkaceman: ?? The old sync function is still there.
17:54jorgkAll I added was sleep to make it work.
17:54jorgkCan't you add an "wait for panel fully loaded"? Or do we just add the sleep?
17:57jorgkShould I land with 1000ms sleep?
18:00jorgkOK, Mr. Purist, I won't, not even as a bustage fix ;-)
18:03acemancan you answer my questions? ;)
18:12jorgkSorry, this thing doesn't go bing. I think you need to write the nick.
18:12jorgkAnd the populating of the menulist is now async too that the sleep worked for you?
18:12jorgkThat question?
18:13jorgkYes, populating the menu is async, that's the FF change. They want to make things faster, so their in-content prefs were delayed by this.
18:13jorgkAnd yes, the sleep() helped. I said so in the bug, no?
18:13acemanit works for me even without the sleep
18:14acemanyou guys updated our fonts.js to be async
18:14acemanso now the test also needs to wait for it
18:15jorgkYes, we did, Richard ported that.
18:15jorgkwe were made to believe that we *had* to port that, or else hell would break loose.
18:15acemando you expect the .EnumerateFonts() t go away soon?
18:15jorgkI don't know.
18:16jorgkIf you want to switch the whole thing to async, I won't oppose that. But now I need to go shopping for 30 minutes before they close at 21:00.
18:16jorgkI landed a bunch of stuff, including two patches for alta88 who let me do his review :-)
18:17jorgkI tried to be very nice and not say anything that could be misinterpreted.
18:17jorgkback in 30.
18:17acemangreat :)
18:18jorgkAnd then I need to produce more patches, addref is waiting for me in base/ and import/
18:22jorgkIt's Kent's review hour today, expect lots of reviews ;-)
19:12Paenglabaceman: Could bug 1371065 be the cause for your jetpack-package-harness.js issue?
19:12firebot FIXED, Remove the addon SDK from Firefox
19:17acemanPaenglab: possibly.
19:17acemanthe 4 files are removed in that bug
19:18acemanI haven't cleared my objdir so maybe I have obsolete references to them
19:40acemanjorgk: ok, then we do not just need to wait until some font names are populated but also wait for the selection
19:40jorgkI can see the expert at work ;-)
19:40jorgkwe should hire you.
19:42acemanchange the 'fontc.e(fontElemId).itemCount > 0' to 'fontc.e(fontElemId).value != ""'
19:48jorgkyes, Sir Aceman
19:49jorgkwill do.
19:53jorgkI don't know how you do it, but you do it ;-)
19:53acemandoes it work?
19:54jorgkDoes it have r+?
19:57acemanI glued your patch with part of my old patch with ideas from Kent and then the waitfor idea of me ;)
19:57acemanand somehow it works :)
19:57acemanbut you could at least let me upload it :)
20:01jorgkaceman: You can do my review then.
20:01jorgkAnother coming.
22:45wsmwkwe allow unsigned addons, correct?
22:47sancusdoes TB even make any use of the add-on signing
22:47sancusI thought it didn't
22:48jorgkSame here. But I've turned into a pumpkin, so good night.
14 Sep 2017
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