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13 Jul 2017
14:51Tonnescan anyone verify: current nightly does not respect Include account names flag in Troubleshooting info -> Copy text to clipboard
14:52Tonneseverything displays as it should in TS view, but copied text always includes acdcount names regardless of flag, and (strange) without the warning text on top
14:52Tonneswin 7
14:53Tonnesfin ein xo in 52.0a2 dated Jan 14-17 on other machine
14:53Tonnesfine in
15:04wsmwkTonnes: 07-10 nightly fails also
15:05Tonneswsmwk: thanks, Onno just wrote 07-2 is fine
15:05wsmwkpls file bug
15:06Tonneswill try to find r.range
15:12tomprinceGood morning.
16:11wsmwkgood afternoon
16:21tomprincewsmwk: The blocker fix has landed on mozilla-inbound. I guess the next step is to get it uplifted to the branch of mozilla-beta for thunderbird?
16:21* tomprince doesn't know the procedure for that.
16:22wsmwktomprince: yes. jorgk would normally do that. plus he has other uplifts/backouts to do. I emailed him this morning
18:42jorgkPaenglab: Hi
18:42Paenglabjorgk: Hi!
18:43jorgkPaenglab: Can you test that chat patch for me, please?
18:43Paenglabjorgk: I'm on it.
18:52Paenglabjorgk: Hmm, I see no change to without patch. The timestamps in chat are still AM/PM. In Twitter the user tooltips show still US format for the "User since" field. The "Previous Conversations" tree shows the correct date format, but this is already without patch correct.
18:52wsmwkjorgk: oh the irony - one month to the day that we started prepping b1
18:53jorgkwsmwk: I won't be able to prepare within one hour.
18:55wsmwkneed new relbranch too
19:09jorgkPaenglab: Can you try a new patch in 30 minutes?
19:10Paenglabjorgk: That's okay.
19:17jorgkPaenglab: Those twitter tooltips are dates, yes? Long or short? Can you paste one here?
19:19tomprinceIs there documentation on the minimum version of python required to build thunderbird anywhere?
19:19Paenglabjorgk: 11/14/2009
19:21jcranmertomprince: you need 2.7
19:21tomprinceExcellent. I wanted to make sure we weren't interested in supporting older versions.
19:23jcranmerthere might be some code that tries to support 2.4 or 2.6 laying around, but mozbuild doesn't support pre-2.7 in the slightest
19:23tomprinceI&#39;m looking at code that is erroring out for <= 2.4 and wondering if I can start cleaning it up. :)
19:24jorgkPaenglab: Chat timestamps: With or without seconds?
19:24jcranmeris this in the automation repo, or actually in tree?
19:24tomprinceIn-tree. (
19:25jorgkPaenglab: Please paste one here
19:25jcranmerI&#39;d rather see die in a fire, personally
19:25Paenglabjorgk: with seconds. 9:09:29 PM
19:25jorgklong then.
19:26tomprincejcranmer: Small incremental changes.
19:26jcranmerwell, the main reason we needed it in the first place was because we had a bajillion repos to pull
19:26jcranmer(and getting LDAP was a royal PITA)
19:27tomprinceWe still need to pull the mozilla repo, and that probably won&#39;t change for awhile?
19:27jcranmerI merged LDAP into c-c a few years ago because it was fucking up the build system changes, and I said &quot;it doesn&#39;t change, so let&#39;s just import the entire tree and move everything to and end the stupid makefiles&quot;
19:28jcranmerI&#39;ve always been of the opinion that our infrastructure is better suited to having mozilla-central and comm-central be in the same tree
19:28tomprinceAnyway, I&#39;m cleaning it up, so it is easier to see what it is doing.
19:28jcranmeryou can clear up the treestate stuff for sure
19:28tomprinceFrom out point of view, it&#39;d probably be simpler.
19:29tomprinceI&#39;m not sure if mozilla would agree.
19:29jcranmerthey did ultimately nix the idea of doing the c-c and m-c merge a few years back
19:29jcranmerI&#39;ve proposed doing instead periodic merges of m-c into c-c
19:31jcranmerthe truth of the matter is that we&#39;re down to repos, which means the step of &quot;hg update -C c-c && hg update -C c-c/mozilla&quot; is just as easy as &quot;hg update && python checkout&quot; (and generally works better locally anyways)
19:31tomprinceThat might make the TC logic easier. Assuming that we can leverage the m-c logic with enough hooks to customize things as we need.
19:31jcranmerthe automation still needs to be able to handle running m-c patches on try, but that&#39;s automation-level stuff anyways
19:32jcranmerthe last time I looked at taskcluster (admittedly, years ago), I came to the conclusion that split repositories was more pain than gain anyways
19:36tomprincejcranmer: Incidentally, are you able to provide a review of ?
19:36jcranmerbuildbot-configs repo? not really
19:38tomprinceNp. I think BMO&#39;s suggested reviewers included you, but maybe that is based on the bug category, rather than the patch.
19:39jcranmerI can generally handle in-tree build config stuff, but the automation stuff is a bit beyond my pale
19:41jorgkPaenglab: New patch, please try.
19:41Paenglabjorgk: okay
19:56Paenglabjorgk: Patch works now. :-)
19:56jorgkwhat has changed?
19:56Paenglabjorgk: The new patch.
19:57jorgkwhich details
19:58jorgkhow do I set up that chat in TB?
19:58Paenglabjorgk: The datestamps and the user tooltips.
19:59jorgkWell, I don&#39;t know what you&#39;re talking about.
19:59jorgkANd Twitter?
19:59jorgkwhat&#39;s the server for moznet?
19:59jorgkor how do you set that up?
20:00Paenglabjorgk: User tooltips is Twitter.
20:01JK-testPaenglab: Hi, now on TB.
20:01Tonneswsmwk: the issue started in the Feb 26 build. Bug component?
20:02PaenglabJK-test: Hi, very simple, eh.
20:02JK-testwell, there are tooltips here, too.
20:02JK-testhovering a message
20:03PaenglabYes, but they should be the same as the datestamp at the end of the line. Or not?
20:03JK-testThe are.
20:04JK-testAnd twitter has tooltips?
20:05PaenglabJK-test: On Twitter on the right hovering the user shows these tooltips with more information. On IRC too but not the same infos.
20:06Paenglabin the Participants list.
20:11JK-testPaenglab: Can you paste a twitter thing here.
20:11Tonnesdo About - Troubleshooting Info issues fit in Mail Frontend?
20:13Tonneswill use general
20:15PaenglabJK-test, jorgk:
20:15PaenglabJK-test, jorgk: This is without patch.
20:17JK-testand with the patch?
20:17JK-testSo it&#39;s the user since?
20:20wsmwkjorgk: my situation here may change due to whether, but no need to rush (as long as we don&#39;t dawdle)
20:21jorgkwsmwk: Still polishing patches, but I&#39;m going to do the landing and uplifts now.
20:21jorgkmaybe ready in an hour or so.
20:25Paenglabjorgk: It looks the same, only the correct date format. Yes, the &quot;User Since&quot;.
20:26Tonneswsmwk: bug 1380797
20:26firebot NEW, &quot;Copy text to clipboard&quot; in Troubleshooting Info does not honor &quot;Include account names&quot; checkbox
20:39Tonnesand perhaps make a {note} of it being disabled in PM. Side note: &quot;if you using&quot;?
20:39Tonnesoops wrong channel
14 Jul 2017
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