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12 Aug 2017
13:52acemanwsmwk: what is the plan now? when is 55.0.1 out?
13:53acemanwsmwk: Firefox
14:25wsmwkaceman: i'm not aware that firefox's reason for doing 55.0.1 is relevant to us. do you?
14:26acemanbut you said 55.0 was pulled so there are no updates
14:28acemanI ask about firefox, no relation to TB :)
14:32wsmwkaceman: apparently not being offered yet to &quot;old versions&quot;. the status i see in their discussion list is &quot;Please push 55.0.1 build 2 to 55.0 users, [but] no update for users < 55&quot;
14:33acemanso why is that? Some breakage in 55?
14:35firebotBug 1388370 NEW, No pages are rendered / Shutdownhang crashes with aetpkss1.dll PKCS#11 module in Firefox 55
14:35wsmwkthey are pretty strong about not shipping regressions
20:11jorgk_aceman: Any luck with that test?
20:11jorgk_aceman: Is this really related to the C++ code?
13 Aug 2017
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