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11 Jul 2017
01:17IanN|Awaytomprince: is there any guarantee that taskcluster can be adapted to work with anything other than Firefox?
01:19tomprinceIanN|Away: Most of taskcluster is very generic.
01:19tomprinceFor linux builds, the primitive is run a command in a docker container.
01:20IanN|Awaytomprince: as with most things, the devil will be in the detail...
01:20tomprinceWhich can definitely be used to build anything. But also, pretty much any CI system will allow you to do that.
01:21tomprinceI did some work a few weeks ago to get part of the rust build into taskcluster.
01:21tomprinceAnd the rust tool crater (which is used for testing all the crates in the ecosystem against two different compiler versions runs in taskcluster.
01:23IanN|Awaytomprince: for mac "cloud" did you look at macstadium?
01:23tomprinceI'm aware of it. There are several options for macOS in the cloud, but the anecdotal reports I've heard is that they aren't *good*.
01:24IanN|Awaytomprince: though if cross-compile works for TB (and has legals agreed), only need a mac testing infra
01:26tomprinceStill, I'd rather not have to figure out how to manage that infrastructure if I can avoid it.
01:26tomprinceI've got enough else to do.
01:27IanN|Awayalmost a full time job in itself ;)
01:28IanN|Awayanyway have to be up in less than 4 hours, time to grab some sleep
01:28tomprinceGood night.
01:28IanN|Awayi have no candle left!
06:55TomSenseican someone help me? I'm new to making tb extensions. at first I'd like to know that is it possible to make a tb extension that sets the signature of all mail accounts from a remote template?
06:56araiwhat do you mean by "signature" ?
06:57TomSenseiI mean email signature, which you can set for an account, so tb automatically puts a prewritten text at the end of the message, or loads from a local file
06:58TomSenseibut in company environment all workers must use the same signature and it's very bad to have all the colleagues replace old signatures when we change something in it
06:58TomSenseithat's why I'm thinking about an extension, which can update the signature everytime TB starts
06:59TomSenseifrom a remote server
06:59araithis might be a bit related
07:01araianyway, you can modify signature data from extension
07:02TomSenseibut can a TB extension get text data from a file on a remote server?
07:02araiand also you can issue network request to get remote template
07:02araiit depends on the "remote server"
07:02araidoes it support HTTP ?
07:03TomSenseiyes, in fact it's the same server as the mail server
07:03TomSenseisame machine, I mean
07:03araithen, you can use XMLHttpRequest or something like that
07:04TomSenseiok , thanks, I'll check out the docs, if I'm stuck, I'll be back for some help :)
07:04araigood luck
07:04araiyou can search through codebase here
07:05araiso you can look into how the account dialog is handling the signature data
07:12TomSenseithx I'm checking it now
12:05nONo|DodOthere's a question about account setup wizard not working for .academy address
12:06nONo|DodOlooking at the source it looks to me that he last part of the address is limited to 2 to 6 characters
12:16nONo|DodOwhen looking at however, i see tld's of 15 chars (americanexpress, cancerresearch)
12:22jcranmerno one updated that for the ICANN gTLD stuff
12:25nONo|DodOlooks like the url-validator isn't updated either:
12:25nONo|DodOhaven''t looked at the comments, though
12:26nONo|DodOi think it's best to file a bug for it?
12:26jcranmerfor the love of god, don't validate email using that kind of regex
12:27nONo|DodOmaybe just check if it contains a @ and a . ?
12:28jcranmercheck there's a @, check that the right hand side is a domain name or a IP address literal (and the latter part is sketchy)
13:17nONo|DodOi've filed bug 1379976... i leave it up to the devs to see how this should be fixed :-)
13:17firebot NEW, New Mail Account wizard doesn't allow setup of .academy mail address
14:21tomprinceGood morning.
14:24jcranmergreetings of an ensaluatory nature
14:29wsmwkjcranmer: what? google doesn't find ensaluatory
15:04WaltS48Should I send the crash report every time Daily crashes, when I quit or restart the application after an update? It's bug 1379518.
15:04firebot NEW, Crash in AsyncShutdownTimeout | AddonManager: Waiting for providers to shut down. | EnvironmentAddon
16:08JoeSWaltS48: I would think 1 or 2 reports would be enough
16:10WaltS48JoeS: Submitted 3 so far. So I will not submit any more.
16:14WaltS48Will check details in case it is a different crash.
16:37wsmwksancus: we need to modify but I haven't yet come up with new wording
17:03marcoagpintoit is the cola demon here!
17:14Paenglabmarcoagpinto: Hi, are you ready for the meeting?
17:14marcoagpintokind of... I wanted to nap
17:15marcoagpintoand you?
17:15PaenglabReady too. But without nap. ;)
17:17marcoagpintorecently I have been dedicating more time to LibreOffice than TB
17:17marcoagpintoaround December is the feature freeze
17:17marcoagpintoso, I need to find issues and suggest as much as I can
17:18marcoagpintoTB will only be released in 59
17:18marcoagpintoso, I am not dedicating much time to it
17:18marcoagpintoLO 6.0
17:18marcoagpintoit will be release end of January/beginning of February 2018
17:47sancuswsmwk: yeah we can change text, biggest bottleneck there is l10n
18:59tomprinceMeeting staring.
19:21marcoagpintoOnno Ekker!
20:18marcoagpintonight, guys!
21:09FallenLightning has hit 6M users ADI :)
21:24wsmwksancus: is it even localized? I changed the URL to and it just put me back to english
21:24sancusyeah that page isn't localized
21:25sancusJust let me know what you want the copy to be and I can get it changed in a day or two after
21:25sancus the firefox one isn't localized either so
21:25sancusit must be a deliberate decision for some reason
12 Jul 2017
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