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11 Aug 2017
13:54wsmwkclokep had you said that bug 1388060 tested OK for you with beta?
13:54firebot FIXED, OAuth2 Gmail and Google CalDAV calendars can't co-exist
13:55wsmwkanyone - there is a beta user who still reports issue with ^
13:55wsmwknevermind - see bug 1387887
13:55firebot DUPLICATE, Cannot set up network calendar - "Component returned failure code: 0x80570015 (NS_ERROR_XPC_CI_RETUR
16:09ntimPaenglab: ping
16:10Paenglabntim: Hi
16:10ntimPaenglab: Hi! I don't know if you've seen this: but it might be useful for Thunderbird
16:12ntim(but I don't know if you're the right person to show this, or whether thunderbird is getting some kind of photon redesign as well)
16:15Paenglabntim: Yes, I've seen it. Some icons would work in TB but some, like for "reply" etc., are missing. And mixing the styles would look bad.
16:16ntimPaenglab: I can help working on new icons if needed
16:18Paenglabntim: That would be great. Monterail gave us icons and I'm looking if we could use them. If you use TB, you could try to have a overview.
16:19Paenglabntin I need to be away for around 1 hour.
17:34ntimPaenlag: I can't see any change with the theme applied (I'm using Earlybird)
17:51Paenglabntim: Hmm, strange. Here too. Install it a second time lart's it show.
17:52PaenglabInstalling it on TB 52 or Daily enables it immediately.
18:03ntimPaenglab: Yep, installing it twice works
18:05Paenglabntim: The icons aren't SVGO optimized. I'll do this when I have the final ones.
18:06ntimPaenglab: the icons look nicer than the default ones!
18:07ntimThey could be photon-ized a bit more though
18:09Paenglabntim: Yes, they come from a non-photon developer. :) Would it be possible for you to do this?
18:10ntimPaenglab: sure
18:11Paenglabntim: That would be great!
18:21ntimPaenglab: do you think you could fork with the thunderbird icons ?
18:22ntim(the current ones)
18:24Paenglabntim: I never worked with github.
18:25ntimPaenglab: nvm then, can you point me to the thunderbird icons on comm-central ?
18:30ntimPaenglab: found this:
18:37Paenglabntim: Yes, this are the toolbar icons. Combined in one SVG and not yet as single icons.
12 Aug 2017
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