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10 Sep 2017
08:41Aryxhi, has anybody built a language pack on 56 or 57? running the |(moz)make merge| command in objdir/mail/locales fails here with |mozmake: *** No rule to make target 'merge-de'. Stop.| Any idea what's wrong?
10:30wsmwkaceman: do you run glodaquilla addon?
10:32wsmwkcan't say i care for nightly's square tabs
10:40Aryxricotz: thank you. do you know why it doesn't work by default? /me wonders how automation does it
10:43ricotzafaics comm silently relied on this rule coming from mozilla which got removed while there is a corresponding rule in browser/locales/
10:44ricotzI assume the upstream builds calling something different, the lack of merge-% broke the build here too though
14:44acemanwsmwk: my version is 0.3.4
15:30wsmwkaceman: that could be my problem. has 0.3.3
15:30acemanit may be the modified version I did
19:42acemanwsmwk: better?
20:05jorgk1aceman: I need you for a five minute review, can you do that?
20:06jorgk1I fixed drag/drop. Two lines change.
20:08acemancool, where is it?
20:11jorgkyes, but let be get rid of the debug, etc.
20:28jorgkaceman: DOne, ready for review.
20:41acemanI see
20:45acemanit doesn't work for me :(
20:47acemansorry, I didn't apply the patch
20:53jorgkwell, I can do the almost impossible, but I can't do magic yet for things to work without patches.
20:53jorgkrkent: Hi, you'd be happy to know I'm using TB for chat now. When is the next review hour?
20:54rkentjorgk: Maybe tomorrow morning, more likely Wednesday.
20:54jorgkrkent: I've dug around the #1 top crash and found that the lovely combo of Joshua, Kent, Jrg and Aceman caused it.
20:55jorgkwell, perhaps until Wednesday we'll know from the reporter whether the patch fixed the crash or not.
20:57acemanshould be to be expected from the probability maths :)
21:00jorgkaceman: alta88 helped me fix an ancient old bug that in a search/unified folder, the wrong message is stored in gMessageDisplay.displayedMessage, leading to all sorts of problems, for instance, the message doesn't get marked as read when you preview it.
21:00acemanwho does the most patches makes the most problems :)
21:00jorgkNo, I only fix problems :-)
21:01jorgkIn the case of the hash table stuff, Joshua wrote the patch, Kent reviewed, and I dusted off after years because you wanted to get that landed.
21:04acemanso at least this one works (the drop problem) :)
21:30jorgkNew M-C merge has arrived. Aryx is doing all the sheriffing single-handedly, it seems.
21:30Aryxphilor is the other hand. not much merged from autoland, windows pgo runs were on bustages
21:36jorgkAryx: Where is Tomcat?
21:37Aryxunavailable, that's all i know
21:42jorgkAryx: Hmm, he moved form Bavaria to northern Germany, and then went on a holiday.
22:25acemanjorgk: thanks for fixing that
22:25acemanjorgk: do we go>?
22:30jorgkdo we go > ?
22:32acemanthe > is just typo :)
22:33jorgkI still don't understand, "do we go"?
22:33jorgkwhere do we go?
22:33acemanto sleep
22:33jorgkMe, yes.
22:33jorgkWhat about the Mozmill stuff.
22:34jorgkmore insights?
22:34acemannot yet
22:35jorgkI tried a few drag&drop things, the all appeared to work apart from the messages.
22:35jorgkAll they did in that bug was introducing a security model to the transfer data.
22:36jorgkAnd making things more complicated of simulating it.
22:37jorgkLet's go! Good night.
11 Sep 2017
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