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10 Aug 2017
13:23wsmwk56.0b2 is ready for testing
15:23albertsHi there, question to the etherpad results text
15:24albertsin the REPORTING FORMAT it says <update channel tested> (if any)
15:24albertsthe one I have downloaded from the server and installed locally is it &quot;beta-localtest&quot;?
15:25albertstalking about 56.0b2
17:52wsmwkalberts: beta-localtest is a valid choice. other channels are valid depending on what state the release is in, for example beta-cdntest
18:09clokep_workwsmwk: Hi! :)
18:09clokep_workI can confirm that the OAuth2 issues are fixed on b2.
18:10wsmwkclokep_work: :) we&#39;re shipping
18:11tomprincewsmwk: b1 build1?
18:12clokep_workAh, just got your emal.
18:12clokep_workYeah shouldn&#39;t that be b2 build 1?
18:26wsmwktomprince: /me crosseyed
19:48WaltS48Anybody around? For some reason I can not setup my Verizon POP3 account or get new messages using any version of Thunderbird.
19:52WaltS48I&#39;ll be happy to test 56.0b2 on Linux, but I see bug 1387887 appears to still be a problem, which I can&#39;t test, due to not having any CalDAV calendars and didn&#39;t have any problem with Provider for Google in testing 56.0b1.
19:52firebot DUPLICATE, Cannot set up network calendar
19:56* WaltS48 has new emails on Verizon web mail I haven&#39;t received in Thunderbird.
19:57* WaltS48 goes off to test what I can.
20:08JoeSJust noticed the same thing here
11 Aug 2017
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