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28 Apr 2017
08:13marcoagpintohey hey
08:23marcoagpintojorgk: Hello!
08:23jorgkmarcoagpinto: Hi.
08:23marcoagpintojorgk: I was able to duplicate the clip paper bug
08:23marcoagpintowere you able to check it?
08:25jorgkmarcoagpinto: No, since you said that it only happens for messages using Enigmail
08:25marcoagpintoyou mentioned MIME in bugzilla
08:26marcoagpintocan't you improve MIME
08:26marcoagpintofor signed Enigmail messages?
08:26jorgkwell, we don't like to touch MIME. And we already have bugs where the clip shows or doesn't show.
08:27marcoagpintoI will be at the next meeting!
08:28marcoagpintoI can already bath alone
08:30jorgkOh good. Gotta go. Bye.
08:30PaenglabThe whole message is encrypted including the info if a attachment is in it. You have to select it that TB (with Enigmail) can decrypt it to see there is an attachment.
08:31marcoagpintoPaenglab: it is just signed
08:31marcoagpintoPaenglab: when I send a signed message and go to the SENT folder, the paper clip only appears if I click in the message
09:56sancusbuovjaga: wow that actually looks really good
10:11buovjagaI'm not happy with the usual OMG!U style of publishing some random reddit-distributed finds without contacting anyone from the actual upstream project, but at least it's some visibility for TB..
10:12sancusim not really familiar with the site but I hadn't heard about that monterail theme thing, found the bug on bugzilla and will follow because it looks cool
10:15Paenglabbuovjaga, sancus: You can try this XPI: this works on all platforms and is the "official" one with the icons from Monterail. Please don't spread the link. I remove it in a few hours when I've sent the XPI to Monterail.
10:15sancusnice, thanks!
10:18sancusPaenglab: installed, looks good although it makes the menu bar invisible due to white text on grey for me lol.. I suppose most people don't use the menu bar these days.
10:19Paenglabsancus: On which platform?
10:19sancusWindows 10
10:19sancussee image
10:20PaenglabOn TB 52?
10:20sancusyep, 52.0.1
10:21gastonsadly, the lightning part of the today pane isnt implemented yet :)
10:21gastonbut that theme is great
10:22PaenglabAh okay, this version has the menubar still below the tabs. I'll fix it.
10:22sancuscool :)
10:32gastongloda being broken with system sqlite, is there a tracking bug somewhere, is it known ?
10:33gastonie is there something specific to enable in sqlite for gloda...
10:33gaston (resource:///modules/gloda/datastore.js:1550) TypeError: this.asyncConnection is null
10:35gastoni see .. will check
10:35firebotBug 1252937 FIXED, Define SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER for Thunderbird/SeaMonkey only for the gloda global database tha
10:53Paenglabsancus: I updated the XPI. Can you try to download it again? The icons in tabs don't look so good because 52 doesn't support SVG context-fill. I'll need to look to fix this. This needs unfortunately additional icons for every state.
10:53sancusah that sucks, what's the first version that does support it?
10:53sancusand yeah sec
10:55sancusPaenglab: cool, that moved the menu bar above the tabs and it's now readable, yay!
10:59Paenglabsancus: 53 beta doesn't support context-fill. Maybe it's new since 55. Menubar on top, except Win7 Aero, is now standard in tb 55.
10:59sancusah cool
14:01wsmwkgkw: Hey gary. Do you have any solid contacts at google?
15:02Paenglabsancus: I updated the XPI for TB 52 (same link). Now the icons are shown correctly in the active tabs.
15:04sancusPaenglab: cool, reinstalled
19:42clokep_workjcranmer: Yo. So i'm thinking of abstracing the IRC code into more of a separate (re-usable) component. I know we've talked about this a bit before and there are issues (like sockets being different in node vs. Mozilla and the issue with modules. Any idea if this is more reasonable now?
19:43jcranmerclokep_work: the socket thing is still an issue, as is modules
19:44clokep_workHeh so sounds like the same boat. :(
19:44jcranmerES6 modules should be usable on bleeding edge within a year or so
19:44jcranmerof course, I've long since learned that "X should be available within Y" is not a good idea to rely on
19:45clokep_workYeah. That's kind of how it goes.
19:45clokep_workThe whole ecosystem around packaging in JS hurts my head.
19:45jcranmerit *really* doesn't help that there's basically N ecosystems
19:46jcranmerchrome extensions, mozilla extensions (well, pre webextensions), web pages, android apps, node.js
19:46clokep_workYeah. I agree.
19:47clokep_workAnd ndoe and web pages have some weird thing that is re-used.
19:47clokep_workStarting to deal w/ this at work...and compared to Python it's just very confusing...
19:47jcranmeror rust
19:50marcoagpintohey hey
19:50marcoagpintois anyone there?!
19:53jcranmerno, I'm currently lost in the depths of code that's writing code to write code to write code
19:54clokep_workStill haven't played with Rust, as we said. ;)
19:54jcranmerand I'm writing code that uses a large C++ library with minimal C API in Rust
19:55jcranmerto output C++ code for another project that's outputting LLVM IR
28 Apr 2017
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