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19 Aug 2017
03:52arshadi am getting `cannot find project browser ` error while running build command
04:01arshadi am on windows
04:33arshadnvm i forgot addin mozconfig
10:56arshadI can't open dev tools in Daily on windows, any quick fix fr that?
11:00acemanwhich tool?
11:08arshaddeveloper Toolbox
11:08arshadTools > Developer Tools > developer toolbox
11:09arshadaceman: ^
11:11acemananything in Error console?
11:11arshaddropdown closes but nothin open
11:15acemanso the Error console shows no error after this?
11:15arshadyes, it doesn't show any erros
11:16arshadi can open Addon deb, cont fram deb, err con, scratch pad but developer toolbox isn't opening
11:19arshadEvent, task , edit delete button on top are disabled
11:19arshadOn linux, I can click them to open their respective dialogs
11:26acemanand you have the pref devtools.debugger.remote-enabled set to true?
11:27arshadyes it is true
11:29acemanI enabled it too and the window comes up
11:29arshadit is already set to true
11:29acemanthe tools at the bottom like Inspector, web console, seem to work
11:29acemanbut I am on Linux
11:29arshadi just installed the daily on a windows machine so all I have is default config
11:30arshadi can also see them on my linux machine
12:05arshadaceman: were you using firefox' devtolls via remote connect
12:10arshadah got dev tools via remote debuggin
12:10arshadthanks for help aceman
12:24acemanyou are welcome, but I didn't do anything as I can't see the bug
12:55acemanbugzilla down?
13:43Tonneshow to report a sha512 download hash mismatch for 52.3? (component etc, security/hidden?)
13:59Tonnesanyone ^? aceman?
14:53acemanwsmwk: do we have a bug filed for the message in error console caused by View source?
15:01acemanwsmwk: yes, bug 1163707
15:01firebot NEW, Move comm-central apps off of deprecated ViewSource APIs
15:43merikefor anyone using advanced unread folders on beta, you need to import Services.jsm from resource://gre/modules/Services.jsm and then it works again ;)
15:50acemanan addon?
16:31merikeaceman: yes, Fallen's :)
19 Aug 2017
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