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20 May 2017
20:03brenniemconley: you use `let` everywhere you should use `const` :P
20:04mconley"let's" fix it! :)
20:05brennieget out
20:05brenniemconley: so i sent you a HUEG pull request
20:06brennieim still working on adding some tests for the more complicated behaviours
20:08mconleyCool. :)
20:09mconleyYour contributions have likely earned you a committer bit flip
20:09mconleyLemme just figure out how to do that
20:11brenniemconley: :)
20:11brennieits somewhere in admin
20:12brenniemconley: settings -> collaborators
20:12brenniealso if im doing too much work feel free to tell me to step off, i know its your baby :)
20:13mconleyAh, hidden on mobile
20:13mconleyNonono keep it coming
20:13mconleyI love it - I'm learning from you
20:13brennieYou use IRC Cloud right?
20:14brenniemost of this testing I figured out yesterday -- i dont really keep up on the latest hotness
20:14mconleybrennie: --^
20:14brenniewhat are you pointing at?
20:14mconleyStill cool stuff I didn't know how to do
20:14mconleyPast messages. Didn't have your handle in it
20:15brennieThis has been a nice distraction from work
20:15brennienot gonna lie
20:15brenniemconley: <3 just got your invite
20:16brenniewow gnucash looks like a butt on macOs
23:25brenniemconley: no you merged!
23:25brennieIm going to unmerge
23:25brenniei ended up fixing more things
23:28brenniemconley: i push -f&#39;d the old changes becuase the tests werent done yet. sorry!
21 May 2017
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