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19 May 2017
02:48brenniemconley: would you prefer conversations about the addon in here? Or elsewhere?
02:48mconleyHere's fine
02:49brenniemconley: is there any way to add integration or unit testing to the addon?
02:49mconleygood question
02:50mconleybrennie: looks like it's still in the pipe for web-ext:
02:50brenniewhat is `jpm` ?
02:51brennieoh is this for old school addons?
02:53mconleyyeah, jpm is for SDK add-ons
02:53mconleyoooh, interesting
05:40jotesmconley: does it make a sense to learn XUL in 2017? I mean, there's no plans to abandon XUL at some point, am I right?
05:43jotessorry, I know that's question is a little out of the blue
05:47aaronraimistI mean they are definitely moving away from XUL
06:36jotesaaronraimist: oh, gosh, thx!
06:36jotesI knew I read somewhere about that, but I couldn't find this thread.
14:06mconleyjotes: not out of the blue at all - but yeah, XUL will soon be on the outs. It's still used for the browser UI (for now), but the next step is to get add-ons off of it
14:07mconleyonce add-ons are off of XUL, we can more seriously approach the problem of swapping out the XUL used in the UI
20 May 2017
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