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18 May 2017
00:43brenniemconley: IDK if you intended to, but you squashed all those commits together :s
00:44mconleybrennie: yeah - I wanted to try it. Had never done it before. :)
00:44mconleythanks, btw!
00:44brennieit kinda munged up the commit message
00:44brennieoh well
00:44brenniemconley: no problem :)
00:45* mconley installs yarn
00:45brennieinstall via brew
00:45brennieif you install it with npm it yells at you :)
00:46brennieIve actually never merged a PR since I hardly use github for collab
00:47mconleyme neither!
00:54brenniemconley: also im happy to explain how all the webpack nonsense works later if you wish
00:54mconleyYeah, I _am_ curious. Another time perhaps though - it's warm here, and I'm goin out to get ice cream. :D
00:54brennielet me know if you get it to build :)
00:54brenniemconley: oo have fun
00:54mconleyI built it!
00:54brennieits like 8C here lol
00:55brennieawesome stream, happy to help :D
19 May 2017
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