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17 Mar 2017
16:37smurfd_mconley: hi, for your info, the theme issue (from latest Joy of coding ep) is available on windows as well... actually its in latest Developer release...
16:43mconleysmurfd_: whoa, really! That's a big deal.
16:43mconleyLet me look
16:44smurfd_yeah cus i like yesterday rememberd it also beeing shortly in Nightly, but first thought it was due to laggy virtualmachine
16:45mconleyno luck reproducing on
16:45mconleyon my Win 10 machine
16:45mconleysmurfd_: can you tell me more about the machine you're seeing this on?
16:46smurfd_windows 7 using non-aero gui
16:46* mconley boots up Win 7 machine
16:46mconleysmurfd_: thanks for letting me know about this!
16:46smurfd_also virtual machine
16:46smurfd_np :)
16:47mconleyI'll spawn a Win 7 VM if I can't get this to reproduce on my Win 7 box
16:47smurfd_allright, good luck
16:47mconleymuch appreciated
18 Mar 2017
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