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12 Jul 2017
17:53smurfd_mconley|livehacking: i think you need to have "universal" added in your ubuntu sources.list file to be able to install 'rr' using apt-get
17:54smurfd_sorry, universe
17:55smurfd_mconley|livehacking: vi /etc/apt/sources.list
17:56smurfd_first add universe
17:56smurfd_then apt-get update, then apt-get install rr
17:57smurfd_(plust its delay in
17:59smurfd_mconley|livehacking: try apt-cache earch libstd+
17:59smurfd_apt-cache search
18:01smurfd_maby also -dev
18:45Orca_65Hey mike I've seen you using many variables how do you remember those ?
19:02mconley|livehackingOrca_65: hi!
19:02mconley|livehackingOrca_65: variables in my code?
21:17smurfd_mconley: hi, about that RR .. i think as you say, if u get the version for your Ubuntu you should get it compiled towards the right libstdcc ... go there and then change that Wget string u used to like 4.4 instead of 4.5 (both folder and filename) then purge the installed version and dpkg -i the older version....
21:18mconleysmurfd_: ah, interesting, thanks! Although it turns out I might not need it... I can't reproduce the crash on the loaner hardware. :/
21:19smurfd_ah allright :)
21:19mconleysmurfd_: but thanks so much for your help on this
21:19smurfd_no prob
13 Jul 2017
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