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10 Aug 2017
20:06smurfd_mconley: Hi, curious choise to go from MacOS to Windows... wouldnt like Linux/Unix be a more logical choise and maby go with Win in a vmware? and these Pullrequests, its one of those?
20:23mconleysmurfd_: hey - I'd worry that I'd become to reliant on the host OS. I want to use Windows so that it becomes my primary OS so that I know what the majority of our users experience, or will experience
20:24mconleythe vast, vast majority of our users are on Windows - and with the development environment / capabilities of Windows improving, it's looking more and more like a viable option for me
20:24mconleyI'm more likely to have a Windows OS with a Linux VM. :)
20:24mconleyand yep - that's a pull request!
20:40smurfd_allright, yeah i guess change is good sometimes.. and it might be a Journey with big J
20:41smurfd_still in my mind curious choise :)
22:56jeyoungsmurfd_: Windows Subsystem for Linux might be more convenient, although how good that is for debugging exotic bugs is debatable. Plus, Visual Studio 2017 has one of the best debuggers. Even if to debug Linux programs.
11 Aug 2017
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