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8 Sep 2017
09:37mstangemiko: ping
11:40mikomstange: pong
11:41mstangemiko: nevermind, I wrote my questions into the bug
11:47mikomstange: do you know why we even do flattening for nsDisplayOpacity?
11:48mstangemiko: to avoid intermediate surfaces and to get better subpixel AA, I think
11:49mstangeand because flattening away wrapper items can improve layerization performance (fewer ContainerStates)
11:50mikoI see
11:50mikoIt's very painful that flattening/not-flattening results in different rendering result
12:19mstangemiko: how different is the rendering?
12:44mikoMost of them could be fuzzed
12:47mikoI do not have a try run anymore for them sadly
21:48botondHeh. I managed to break a reftest in such a way that the test image renders correctly, and the reference image renders incorrectly :)
9 Sep 2017
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