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7 Sep 2017
20:54Manishearthdholbert: there?
20:57dholbertManishearth: hi
21:01Manishearthdholbert: if I set a fuzzy-if locally in a reftest, how do I get it to be obeyed?
21:01ManishearthI mean
21:01Manishearthwhen I do mach reftest
21:01Manishearthdoes it obey fuzzy-if?
21:01dholbertit should be obeyed
21:01dholbertif the "if" is satisfied
21:01Manishearthit's not
21:01dholbertare there multiple annotations on the line?
21:01Manishearthmaybe fuzzy-if(stylo) doesn't work locally
21:01dholbertthe precedence is often confusing. hmm, ok
21:02dholbertI don't know why it wouldn't work. you could try just fuzzy(...) instead of fuzzy-if(...) to test that theory
21:02Manishearthstill doesn't
21:02ManishearthREFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///Users/manishearth/mozilla/gluino/layout/reftests/pixel-rounding/viewport-units-rounding-2.html == about:blank | image comparison, max difference: 128, number of differing pixels: 71
21:02dholbertand what's the reftest.list line?
21:02Manishearththe default max difference is 128, why is it erroring *before* it hits 128?
21:03Manishearthfuzzy(1,240) == viewport-units-rounding-1.html viewport-units-rounding-1-ref.html
21:03Manishearthfuzzy(1,100) == viewport-units-rounding-2.html about:blank
21:03dholbertyou neeed fuzzy(128,71)
21:03Manishearthwhat does that mean?
21:03dholbertto match "max difference 128, number of differing pixels 71)
21:03mattwoodrowThats a really big difference too
21:03dholbertfirst number is max difference, second is number of pixels that are allowed to differ
21:03dholbertalso true
21:04dholbert(Also, not sure what you mean about "the default max difference is 128")
21:04Manishearthyeah i misunderstood the output
21:04dholbert(by default, we don't allow any differences at all)
21:04dholbertah, gotcha. you read it as "maximum allowed difference is 128"?
21:04dholbertI've heard others say that as well
21:04dholbertperhaps we should reword
21:05dholbert(really it means "the largest color-channel difference that we encountered when comparing pixels")
21:05dholbert(but that's a bit wordy)
21:05Manishearth"max color difference"
21:05dholbert*shrug* still easy to misread in the same way
21:05dholbertanyway, hopefully now that you know the right numbers to use, you'll be OK :)
21:06mattwoodrowmax recorded difference?
21:06Manishearthyep, it works now
21:06dholbertmattwoodrow++, that sounds a bit harder to misread
21:07dholbertManishearth: I believe you also can use ranges now (and if this is a known/expected failure at the moment rather than something truly randomly-fuzzy, you might want to do that)
21:07dholbertso fuzzy-if(stylo,128-128,71-71) or something like that
8 Sep 2017
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