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19 Apr 2017
16:58dholbertjfkthame: hi! are you on github?
16:59jfkthamedholbert: occasionally :)
16:59dholbertjfkthame: heh. what is your username? I want to punt to you on a question that I received there
16:59jfkthameregistered with this nick
16:59dholbert(only partially-punt)
16:59dholbertit doesn't autosuggest it when I "@" but maybe that's their UI issue
17:00jfkthameinteresting - dunno
17:00dholbertyeah, I see you at -- should've tried that. *shrug* Maybe it only autosuggests based on people I've previously interacted with on github, or something
17:53annevkdholbert: only folks from the relevant org or issue thread I think
17:53dholbertannevk: that explains it, thanks
17:53dholbertmy @ autocomplete instincts are from twitter
17:54annevkI wish it were more like Twitter
17:54annevkperhaps favoring local thread / org
20 Apr 2017
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