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17 May 2017
04:08jetxidorn: ping re: bug 1262963
04:08firebot ASSIGNED, Allow CSSOM access to cross-origin stylesheets (for testing only)
04:09xidornjet: do we want pref or env var?
04:09jetxidorn: env var to match chrome/edge
04:09xidornchrome and edge are using env var?
04:10jetI think so, per the Edge team who's testing this
04:11xidornok... I'll submit a new patch to use env var, then
04:26jetxidorn: thx!!!
07:16heycamxidorn: will you do a try run for greg to try?
07:16xidornheycam: do you think it's worth doing that?
07:17xidornheycam: I mean, if we land it, it would work in nightly
07:17heycamxidorn: yeah I think so...
07:17heycamxidorn: well would be nice to know before landing it
07:17heycamthough I guess it doesn't matter too much if we have to back it out
07:17xidornheycam: I tested it locally and it works :)
07:17xidornheycam: why do we want to back it out...
07:18heycamxidorn: if it didn't work in his setup for some reason
07:18xidornok, then a try run
14:27noxdholbert|PTO: Y U replying to us while on PTO, go holidaying.
14:37dholbert|PTOnox: :D my bad
14:37dholbert|PTOnox: done now
14:37* dholbert|PTO off to holiday
14:37noxHave fun. :)
18 May 2017
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