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16 Mar 2017
12:52hunboymats|away, ping Hi. I'm trying to make equal width/height box with grid using the padding-top trick (relative-absolute), but is causes intristic height of the content with grid. Is it a known bug?
12:54* mats looks at the example...
12:56matshunboy: yeah, it's a known bug *in Chrome*, the rendering is correct in Firefox
12:58matshunboy: I guess 'width/height:contain' will help with this case, when we implement it...
13:03hunboymats, yeah, so just weird if it shows infinity srollbar currently. I know it's a little bit of hacky. Probably we should do something with this scrollbar issue until that. So ok in this case i won't file this bug. Just remind it. :)
13:09matshunboy: oh that - yes, I think that's a bug we need to fix... it's already in bugzilla iirc
13:09hunboyok :)
13:11firebotBug 1338108 UNCONFIRMED, Inflating a zero size with 100% results in nscoord_MAX in intrinsic sizing
13:13hunboyok thanks, I got it :)
20:45hunboymats, hacky question again :) any plan in the future to make this grid accordion working css only? Now almost good, just pre-allocates the animated space for the object. The final goal is animating the whole grid. (just click on the "More" label)
20:53matshunboy: sorry, I don't understand, are you saying something in that example isn't working properly, or could be improved with new grid features?
20:57hunboymats, this layout is same on crome canary as well, so think, it follows the spec, the question is: will be animatable the whole grid-item without pre-allocating the space for the grid item?
21:03matshunboy: by "pre-allocating" do you mean the 100px on the ".wrapper > div" ?
21:06hunboymats, no. I mean when "open" an accordion it pre-alloceates the 100% of nesessary space.
21:07hunboyso animates, but on the pre-allocadet place.
21:08hunboyso looks a "hole" during the animation.
21:09matshunboy: you mean animating the track size?
21:09hunboyyeah, exactly.
21:09matshunboy: the row size in this case
21:14matshunboy: hmm, I suspect that would be hard to implement, given that the increased row size is just a side effect of animating something on the item...
21:15hunboyyeah, not a trivial one.
21:15matshunboy: I'm not very familiar with our animation framework though and what it can do...
21:16hunboydoes it worth filing an issue on github?
21:22hunboymats, thnx for implementing this grid stuff, it was a good job. almost certainly the new chatzilla as webextension will use grid also: grid is the frame, and grid is the content as well :) we are just waiting for an XPCOM alternative... :)
21:22firebot NEW, Convert ChatZilla to a WebExtension
21:25hunboythnx for you checking this accordion anomaly :)
21:29matshunboy: you mean w3c github as a spec issue? it's probably not the right forum unless you have a very specific proposal...
21:29matshunboy: I'm guessing CSS Transitions or CSS Animations spec is the relevant ones...
21:30matshunboy: probably better to ask :birtles here or in #developers
21:31matshunboy: he's involved in the specs and should know if others have been asking for something like this
21:31hunboyyeah :)
21:34hunboyI was thinking it was rather an animation question whilst grid-item's height is "auto" so far.
21:58hunboyyeah this pre-allocation seems related to the percentge value only: works properly with constant width (this is a simplified hover testcase)
17 Mar 2017
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