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15 May 2017
01:49heycamxidorn: ping
01:49xidornheycam: pong
01:49heycamxidorn: morning! I'm looking at the counter style stuff
01:50heycamxidorn: is there a reason for using a PostRefreshObserver specifically? it because you want to wait until after everything has been restyled?
01:50xidornheycam: yes
01:51heycamxidorn: is it guaranteed that the PostRefreshObserver will run? is it possible for it not to run because we e.g. remove an <iframe> from the document?
01:53xidornheycam: the items in the retired list will be destroyed anyway when presshell is disconnected
01:53heycamxidorn: ah, I see, in Disconnect
01:54xidornheycam: yep
01:55* heycam continues reviewing
19:55davidbI got pinged about prefers-reduced-motion... sounds like something we won&#39;t get to for a while right? (
16 May 2017
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