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12 Aug 2015
15:37biesidholbert: hey. do you know anything about!topic/ ?
16:10dholbertbiesi, I'm sure we'd like to unprefix min-content / max-content; not sure about the timeline or any outstanding spec-issues
16:11biesiok. thanks.
16:11dholbertbiesi, one issue is that we only support those keywords for widths right now (not for heights)
16:11dholbertbiesi, we'd probably need to add height support before being ready to unprefix
16:11biesidholbert: that makes sense
20:08digitaralddholbert: could this be a graphics bug?
20:33dholbertdigitarald, graphics or layout, yeah
20:34dholbertdigitarald, likely because of pixel-density difference between your laptop monitor & the external monitor
20:35dholbertdigitarald, I recall a bug about dragging windows between monitors on Mac that someone fixed in the last month or two. Might be a regression from that. Do you know if this used to work correctly?
20:49digitaralddholbert: dragging works fine
20:50digitaralddholbert: would you recommend somebody for ni?
20:50dholbertdigitarald, right, I think it didn't used to though. (Or some version of it didn't used to.) And I'm wondering if that change is what broke stuff
20:50digitaralddholbert: this is definitely a new bug, for about 2-3 weeks
20:51dholbertdigitarald, ah, nice, that means it should be easier to track down
20:52dholbertdigitarald, the bug I was thinking of is
20:53dholbertdigitarald, I'd strongly suspect that as having regressed this. (Ideally if you can confirm by testing nightlies on either side of the landing range, or using mozregression, that would be awesome), and needinfo the assignee there
20:54dholbertdigitarald, (good that you caught it now; it likely just shipped to Aurora this week, so the earlier we fix it the better, for release-channel stability & minimal user impact)
20:55digitaralddholbert: ok, I am adding details to the bug
20:59dholbertdigitarald, thanks
13 Aug 2015
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