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9 Aug 2017
14:40Kronuzgood morning
14:41Kronuzhey, nathan, there are stop characters and fillup characters for every language buffer definition... what is the difference?
14:42KronuzI thought `cpln_stop_chars` would close the autocomplete popup, but then what do cpln_fillup_chars do?
14:42Kronuz'cuase the set of characters overlap
15:08nathanrI believe fillup chars = automatically insert a completion when this char is typed
15:20Kronuznathanr, so the characters that are both in stop and fill up will insert the character and then close the autocomplete?
15:20nathanrfor fillup yes
15:20nathanrfor stop, I'm not sure to be honest
15:21nathanrmight be legacy?
15:22KronuzI was guessing it closed the popup
15:23nathanrthat'd be my guess, but if it overlaps with fillup that seems strange
15:23nathanrI guess its cause you can turn off fillup characters
16:40Defmani guess fillup will simply trigger the autocompletion insert but the stop character will tell Komodo to close the popup
10 Aug 2017
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