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8 Aug 2017
15:26Kronuznathanr :)
15:26nathanrhey, whats up? :)
15:52Kronuzgot things working much better with ECMAScript now
15:52KronuzI added one other thing 'though (to the calls)
15:53nathanrwhat's that?
15:53Kronuznow calls to functions/constructors pass argument types
15:53Kronuzfor example citdl can be: somefunction(string, number)
15:53Kronuzand at run time it processes the passed argument types
15:54Kronuzthat makes it work with a lot of other cases where it failed
15:54nathanrnice :)
15:54KronuzI think a lot of these additions can be passed to Python (and perhaps other languages) as well
15:55Kronuzto make things better
15:56nathanrI'll have Mitchell investigate once you've open sourced it and he's back from his leave
15:56nathanrimproving language scanners and the info we gather is what's next on the schedule once we finalize the v3 implementation
15:56Kronuzin Python (django) for example, it might get things like `MyObject.objects.get(...).a<|>ttribute` to work
15:57Kronuz(the changes I&#39;m making)
9 Aug 2017
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