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20 Apr 2017
15:44Defmannathanr fyi the limit was not per day
15:45Defmani think the whole idea about limit is that so users would vote for most important features for them and not for everything.
18:40nathanrdoesnt matter now, it's 9999 across the board
18:40nathanrDefman: fyi I'll be on vacation for a little under 2 weeks
18:40nathanrso if you run into anything message carey or mitchell
18:41Defmanisn't carey on vacation too?
18:41Defmanhuh okay
18:41nathanrhe had Monday off, that's all
18:41Defmanif you somehow manage him to appear there on the irc channel, i'd be happy
18:42nathanrI don't think that's necessary
18:42nathanrcarey is easily distracted, so it's better if he's not on IRC
18:42nathanrjust message him on the forums
18:42Defmanyeah okay
18:43nathanrkeep in mind IRC is not for support
18:43nathanrif anyone shows up here asking for help you can just direct them towards the forums
18:44nathanror not answer, it's up to you :p
18:44Defmandepending on how complicated is the question, i'll direct them to the forums or answer there if it's about a command to execute in Console or something like that
18:44nathanryeah up to you
18:45Defmanhave a good vacation though :)
18:45nathanrthanks :)
20:56Defmanbye :)
21 Apr 2017
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