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19 Apr 2017
16:15Defmannathanr got a quality assistant in your team? :)
16:15Defmancool :)
18:31nathanrDefman: why are you closing your PRs?
18:31Defmanapparently i removed my branches
18:32Defmangonna restore them, sorry
18:32Defmanthanks to the github gods for their features
18:34Defmani assume you won't need the one about colorpicker?
18:36nathanrwhy not?
18:49Defmani hope i've restored all of them
19:49Defmanis it how English works or am I overusing "the"? :D
20:10Defmannathanr is there a way to mark a feature request as resolved and return the vote to users who has voted?
20:11Defman(since there's a limit of 5 votes and I don't see any way to return votes)
21:27nathanrI think the limit is per day, not total
21:28nathanrI've changed the limit to 9999
21:28nathanrnot sure why there's a limit, seems silly
20 Apr 2017
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