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17 Apr 2017
13:30faracoIs there anybody around?
13:40clokep_workProbably. :) Some of the people here are probably not awake yet.
13:44clokep_workDo you have a question?
13:44clokep_workFeel free to just ask it.
14:50faracoI fixed it. Anyway, the problem is the lint for Perl on komodo edit on linux bugging me out about missing modules. I already put my own env variables in the preferences, but the lint still complaining.
14:52faracoTurn out that the variable I place is not wholly expanded, then I fixed it by copying echoed variables to get the exact expanded values and put in env section.
14:56faracoI wish the embedded variable like "/home/user/${EMBEDDED_PATH}" will expand to exact path instead of using it as an absolute value, but other than that it is a great editor for Perl so far, and to devs, thank you for making this possible.
15:16nathanrfaraco: it'd be best if you open an enhancement request for ideas like this -
15:16nathanrIRC is just for general discussions :)
15:18faracoI'll look into it, thank you.
18 Apr 2017
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