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14 Mar 2017
09:09lagboxoooo whats going to be in 11 ? :)
09:09lagboxelixir support ? ;)
16:48Defmanelixir would be nice
16:48Defmanbut the codeintel update is not the one that adds new languages, it aims at performance afaik
16:49lagboxwould like elixir language definitions though :)
16:49Defmanelixir looks promising
16:50Defmanit's like go with ruby-like syntax which i find very cool
16:51lagboxim liking it so far
16:51lagboxtaking a bit to get used to though
16:52Defmando you have any projects in elixir? :)
16:52lagboxjust starting with one with a friend
16:52lagboxbut other than that i dont have anything ... trying to learn as i go a bit
16:55Defmani haven't coded for 2 weeks except for one commit i did yesterday while reviewing my PRs on github
16:55Defmanthat's a burnout!
16:56lagboxhehe it happens
16:56Defmanmy previous burnout was for a week or something
16:57Defmanand i'm out of ideas
16:57Defmani were trying to find an issue in komodo and fix it but they are too complicated
16:58lagboxi take off like at least a month every year from burnout
16:59Defmani'll do it in the end of May
16:59Defmanbecause of exams and everything
16:59lagboxits tough man
16:59Defmanand if i'm not going to make it, i'll move to canada immediately
17:00Defmanlivin' on the streets
17:03lagboxliving on the streets is rough
17:04nathanrDefman: what were you trying to fix?
17:05lagboxhi nathanr
17:05nathanrhey lagbox
17:20Defmannathanr nothing, i were searching for issues to fix them
17:24nathanrthat's how you get better :) by fixing complicated issues
17:25Defmani'll get on some on my weekend (starting from 24th of March)
17:26Defmanmost of them related to codeintel or upstream scintilla though, not something i'm aware of
17:28lagboxnathanr, is there anyone i can talk to about the udl stuff or is it pretty much just learning as much as possible via the docs and examples ?
17:28DefmanMitchell is the one you need
17:28lagboxi want to update the laravel stuff more and we have more echo tags now ... directives i can do just fine, but the echos i haven't figured out
17:28Defmanhe's not hanging around there though
17:31lagboxfigure if i update that it could be in for 11
17:34nathanrlagbox: you could post on the forums, mitchell will answer
17:35nathanrmitchell is very work focussed, so he doesnt hang out on irc as it's distracting
17:35Defmanand you're not? :P
17:35nathanrI need distractions to keep me sane
17:36nathanreveryone has their own workflow :)
17:36Defmanmitchell is a robot with AI and it's being tested by ActiveState to replace you and carey
17:40lagboxIRC is where productivity goes to die :)
17:40lagboxthats what i say but ... #laravel does that to you
17:41lagboxnathanr, cool i will go onto the forums when i am ready to update this again, its just these damn {{ }} things in blade that I can't figure out how to update
17:43lagboxback to some php stuff so i can use komodo :)
17:43Defmani were using nano for a while, huh
17:44Defmani were editing configs mostly
17:44Defmanand my nano is an alias to micro
17:46lagboxnathanr, do you know if that 3rd party udl for elixir is good?
17:46Defmanwhich udl?
17:46lagboxdamn copy buffer vs X buffer
17:47Defmanwelcome to linux
17:47lagboxafter 20 years you think i wouldn't make that mistake :)
17:48Defmanlagbox hmm
17:48Defmanthis udl could be a good start
17:49lagboxwould be nice to do everything in one IDE :)
17:50Defmanwell Komodo solve(? or whatever word would be correct) my needs
17:50Defmani do ruby and python when editing komodo edit
17:50nathanrno idea lagbox
17:50nathanrI dont use elixir
17:50lagboxDefman, its absolutely awesome for the languages it supports
17:51lagboxand im sure python is even better in komodo than php
17:51Defmanboth of them has great support in Komodo
17:51nathanrPython is probably our best supported language though
17:51Defmani didn't notice any difference between features available for both of them when i migrated from php to python
17:52lagboxnathanr, yea that would make perfect sense all things considered :)
17:52nathanrmain differences would be better profiling, REPL integration and more reliable codeintel
17:52nathanrbecause PHP has too much magic
17:52lagboxrepl integration would be ... amazing
17:52lagboxas i use artisan tinker all day in laravel
17:52Defmanit's sad though that komodo isn't that popular as sublime text or something else
17:53lagboxDefman, true a lot of people dont know about it
17:53lagbox* it seems
17:53lagboxor maybe they only remember it from a decade ago or something ... im still not sure
17:53lagboxbut in the php world everyone pushes phpstorm but me ;)
17:53Defmani have seen only 2-3 suggestions to use Komodo and bazillions of "hey man use st3 lol"
17:53nathanrsadly PHP doesnt have a proper REPL
17:54Defmanwell phpstorm is for php :)
17:54lagboxnathanr, the best we have is psy right now and its amazing
17:54lagboxway way way better than boris was by tons
17:54Defmanit would be better of course, but still it's for php, not for ruby, python, php, go, lua, perl, tcl, etc.
17:54nathanrdoes it integrate with xdebug?
17:55Defmanlineage os cannot update itself
17:55lagboxid have to check
17:55lagboxits just psy is the closest thing we have in php to a decent repl
17:56nathanrDefman: works fine for me
17:56nathanryou need to have a supported recovery though
17:56Defmanan update from 8th of March?
17:56lagboxDefman, in #laravel when editors come up i tell people st3 and komodo edit ... but that is because they aren't asking about an ide
17:57nathanrDefman: different devices get different updates
17:57nathanrall I can tell you is updates work fine for me and I'm using the latest Lineage available to my device
17:57Defmani thought OTA updates would be the same for everyone
17:57lagboxbut right now i am seeing a lot of people move to vscode for an editor ... a lot
17:58nathanrlagbox: I think people largely don't know what they want
17:58Defmanto a browser? screw these people
17:58nathanrthey want an editor, but with all the features of an ide .. but they dont want an ide
17:58Defmanthey want a free ide actually
17:58nathanrits just a giant circlejerk that makes zero sense
17:58nathanrno they dont
17:58nathanrthere are free IDE's
17:58lagboxthey dont knw what they want
17:58nathanrlook at eclipse, netbeans
17:58Defmanjava based meh
17:59nathanrall they know is what their peers tell them
17:59nathanrand their peers are just stuck in the same circlejerk
17:59lagboxhehe defman is like me ... meh to java based apps :)
17:59nathanryeah but tell the circlejerk that
17:59Defmanthey look ugly
17:59Defmanand fonts..
17:59nathanralso as soon as you say cross-platform people assume Java. Many people think Komodo == Java
17:59lagboxnathanr, i try, sometimes it helps, most of the time it does nothing
17:59Defmannathanr oh lol
18:00lagboxthey are told phpstorm is what you are supposed to use and they do ... without thinking about it
18:00lagboxi find it interesting
18:00lagboxyou pretty much need a SSD to use phpstorm effectively
18:01Defmanto use any java app huh
18:01nathanryou know whats funny
18:01nathanrnobrains IDE's seem to have a ton of typing latency
18:01nathanrKomodo's is practically unnoticeable
18:01Defmanjava is slow and there's nothing that could fix it
18:01Defmanand ssd is a workaround
18:01nathanrexcept with our new codeintel for Komodo it actually become noticeable
18:01nathanrin that in Komodo 11 typing is so far, Komodo 10 now feels slow by comparison
18:02lagboxany announcement about what is coming in 11 btw ?
18:02nathanrnot yet
18:02Defmancodeintel and rubocop
18:02lagboxid really like to help with the php stuff a bit but i never write down what i notice :(
18:03Defmangonna build komodo again
18:03lagboxbut as simple as it is .. one of the biggest things that people like about phpstorm is the 'imports' ... when it can setup your imports for you
18:03Defmanremoved it in favor of react-native and java shit that is 11GB (Android SDK and everything)
18:04Defmanlagbox the thing when you type a class name and it automatically adds an require statement somewhere at the top of your file?
18:04nathanrlagbox: that's one of the reasons we're redoing codeintel, to make adding new features more .. possible
18:04lagboxDefman, yea
18:04lagboxnathanr, awesome
18:04lagboxi know that is a little feature but people do point that out
18:04nathanrthe current codeintel (live in K10) is very dated and resistant to change
18:04lagboxi could see that
18:04Defmanyeah i loved it when i were doing android stuff
18:05lagboxim still trying to get people on komodo ide ... i want to use the collaboration so bad :)
18:06Defmandon't have any friends => collaboration is useless
18:06nathanryeah in its current state you kinda have to all use it
18:06nathanrI want to do more with it, but it's a big investment to do anything with collab
18:06nathanrand so far there hasn't been a ton of interest in it
18:07lagboxi would use it often as i am kind of doing programming support and stuff like that so i could walk people through things
18:07lagboxinstead of using bins or online codeshares
18:08lagboxim using cloud9 for that type of stuff atm
18:09lagboxbut i guess its kind of novelty
18:14nathanryeah that's cloud ide's in a nutshell to me; a novelty
18:14lagboxthere is a huge plus to Komodo and with you guys in general which is why i put it in my blog ... i found problems or had issues and you guys worked with me to fix them
18:14lagboxcan't say most other products work out this way
18:15nathanrin your blog?
18:15Defmanlagbox has one, yeah
18:15nathanrno I know he has a blog
18:15nathanrI meant to infer; which article are you referring to
18:16lagboxit was the Komodo X one ... i just had a line in there that had "I have had the honor of using this product while in alpha and contributed any bugs or issues I could find. Almost everything was fixed immediately."
18:16nathanrahh gotcha
18:16nathanrcool :)
18:16nathanrhey have you tried the new unit testing feature lagbox ?
18:16lagboxand the ActiveState 2 paragraph section
18:16Defmanyou should
18:16Defmanit's awesome
18:17lagboxnathanr, i have no but i will soon
18:17lagboxhave to get back on this php project, dealing with elixir atm
18:17nathanryeah I gotta get back to work too
18:17nathanrworking on Commando improvements
18:17lagboxvery nice
18:17Defmanburned my finger with a usb cable
18:18nathanrlol Defman
18:18lagboxfortunately i like sublime so im okay with doing elixir in it, but i do like my komodo for php :)
18:18nathanrsomehow that sounds like a very Russian thing to do :p
18:18Defmanyeah it was at 70 degrees by celsius
18:19nathanryou took its temperature? :p
18:19Defmanyeah why not
18:19Defmanit's time to install a new los build and break everything
18:20Defmandon't want to wipe :/
18:22Defmanseems to be working
18:25Defmanor not...
15 Mar 2017
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