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12 Sep 2017
19:28Calleknathanr: so I just got marketing/sales e-mail about "get a subscription" basically to get Komodo 11 at some point soon.... I'm presuming at the moment that I'm still eligible for the gratis license, so mostly ignoring. But the question is if it is slated to be "soon" is there a beta of some sort I could download/use?
19:29nathanrCallek: we had a private beta of sorts -
19:30Calleknathanr: ahhh-ha!
19:31Calleknathanr: I may not fit the requested requirements, primarily because I don't recall ever officially filing a bug report against Komodo, nor have I (in memory) ever achieved a submitted patch.
19:31Calleknathanr: that said, I am active here (and have provided feedback here) many times, so not sure
19:31nathanrthe community is specifically intended for people to contribute and contribute in a meaningful way
19:32nathanrif you intend to do that I'd be happy to add you
19:32nathanrbut I would ask for bug reports, not reports on IRC
19:32nathanrwhile it is nice to talk on IRC sometimes, it's not productive
19:32CallekI'd be 99% contributing via IRC and stuff, unlikely to be constantly going in and filing bug reports. At least at this time
19:33Callekand yea I do understand
19:33Callekif my own inclinations/personal expectations changes I'll likely re-ping/ask for an invite
19:33CallekI do use KomodoIDE exclusively for my dev (well minus a few cases of `nano ...` on remote systems)
19:34Callekand would of course happily provide feedback/thoughts/debugging help when I do hit an issue.
19:34nathanrI appreciate that, but IRC really isnt the medium for it
19:34Callekanyway, thanks for the insight, I can completely understand the desire for those with the access to be more active than I would be
19:35nathanrif you are to join the QA Community I'd have to insist you report bugs via the bug tracker, IRC just destroys my productivity :\
19:35nathanrthat said, 11 is due very soon
19:35nathanrbefore the end of this month
19:35nathanrso you won't have to wait long if you don't want to participate, which I can totally understand
19:36Calleknathanr: Its less about want and more about knowing my own time constraints and priorities
19:36nathanrin fact, at this stage your participation would be relatively meaningless since we're at RC stage
19:36Calleknathanr: anyway, is there a process I should initiate ~now to get the granted-license? Or should I go for that process after launch.
19:37nathanryou're still on our maven list so you should be good
19:37Callekooo \o/
19:37nathanrthat said sales might not get to the maven list the second 11 releases, so keep that in mind
19:37Callek(in the past it was a "please reach out to us if you need a new one")
19:38Callekand yea, if theres a list they will go through, I'm ok waiting a bit for it, after all "Give me this thing you charge people for, for free" shouldn't be a companies top priority.
19:38nathanrI maintain the list more proactively now
19:38nathanryou can always start off with the trial
19:38nathanrI'd imagine sales would get to it within 21 days after launch
13 Sep 2017
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