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11 Aug 2017
15:30Defmanhi nathanr
15:31Defmani've got a Codeintel window asking me something
15:31Defmansome paths to scan
15:32Defmanis there a way to open this window again?
15:34Defmanoh wait, this window will open if the project is too big?
15:40nathanrit opens if there are more than 100 files to scan
15:40nathanrit detects that any time you open a project
15:40nathanrso reopen the project
15:40Defmanmy project is less then 100 files
15:40Defmansadly i don't get completions for the gems i'm using in the project
15:41Defmansinatra, graphql, yaml, sprockets
15:41Defmanis there something i need to set up first?
15:41Defmane.g. point komodo to the source code of these gems
15:50nathanrif your project is pointed at the files that should suffice
15:50nathanrreport it
16:15Defmanmy project is using a gemfile and external gems that are live somewhere in ~/.rbenv
16:18nathanrthen you need to define the import directories under Ruby language prefs
16:18nathanrjust like in Komodo 10
16:29DefmanI assume adding ~/path/to/gems/folder would be enough?
16:29Defmanthere are lots of gems and adding them one by one would be PITA
16:49nathanrshould be
18:32defmanmoved my ass to i3
18:32defmanfeels good
18:55nathanrgonna make your tests of Komodo a lot less helpful though
18:55nathanri3 is buggy with Komodo, and we don't target i3
18:55lagboxyea, good luck with that :)
18:56defmanhow i3 is related e.g. to Codeintel?
18:57nathanrit's not
18:57nathanractually it is
18:57nathanrany popups or windows are affected by i3
18:58nathanrincluding completions
18:58nathanrdon't get me wrong, I like i3
18:58nathanrI used it
18:58nathanrbut it's not friendly with Komodo, at all
18:58nathanruse it for a week and you'll see what I mean
18:59defmani type require 'ya'
18:59defmanyaml appeared. i pressed the complteion and got `yayaml`
19:12nathanrDefman: yep, already got a bug for that
19:12nathanrfixed too, will be in the next build
19:12Defmangood to know!
19:16Defmani almost filed a bug about that
19:56nathanrlol, shrug
20:16mook_asHmm, I guess I could re-file the bug about KDE and commando popup positions XD
20:17Defmanthat's a good idea man, like your style man
20:18Defmanso it was related to kde huh
20:26mook_asYep that looks like KDE
20:27Defmanbugs, bugs everywhere
20:28nathanrlagbox: please dont forget to report those bugs you were talking about :)
20:28nathanrI can't prioritize anything I don't have
20:43Defmannathanr, the next build will be an OTA (?) update?
20:44Defmanor we have to download the new build again?
20:45nathanrdownload again
20:45nathanrprobably next Monday
20:46nathanrI won't do a new build every day, not productive
20:47Defmansure, no problems
20:48Defmannathanr, copied my reply huh? :D
20:48nathanrlol, I honestly didn't
12 Aug 2017
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