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10 Aug 2017
16:03nathanrDefman: around?
16:04nathanrdo you have komodo ide open?
16:04Defmani don't but i can open it
16:05nathanrnah no worries, wanted to see your memory usage after a period of time
16:05nathanrno use on a fresh startup
16:05Defmanhuh okay
16:05Defmanit's always around ~500MB for me
16:09nathanrhow often do you restart?
16:10Defmani open it once a day
16:10Defmandon't restart it for the whole day, next day doing the same
16:13nathanrand how heavily do you use it during that time?
16:13Defmanworking on a ruby project for 6-7 hours
16:13Defmanit does not have a lot of files though
16:15nathanrhmm ok
16:16nathanrI might be getting you an early komodo 11 build soonish, if you'd be willing to do some heavy testing and bug reporting
16:16Defmanhell yeah man
16:16Defmani'm up for some testing
18:22Defmanmissing Carey... :(
18:22Defmannathanr, you should pin your post about QA hiring
18:31Defmannathanr, is maven-list still a thing?
18:32Defmanwhy it's "maven" though?
18:32Defmanreminds me of java...
18:40Defmanthe changelog is huge
18:41DefmanKomodo 10 changelog was smaller imo
18:41nathanrwe had a lot more time to work on 11
18:41Defmani see, kudos to the team!
18:43Defmansome day I'll be in the team! :P
18:44Defmannathanr, i assume we can file bugs and everything?
18:44Defmangood to know
18:45nathanrread the first sentence :p
18:47Defmanha, already found a bug
18:47Defmanprepare to the bugstorm!
18:54nathanrDefman: have at it!
18:55Defmannathanr, do you know a good way to create a gif?
18:55Defmanon win10
18:55Defmanthat won't look like shit
18:56Defmani'd ask carey but I he's not there :(
18:56nathanrcarey uses
18:57nathanrfrankly it does look like shit, but it gets the message across
18:57nathanrwhy are you on windows? :o
18:57Defmanplaying diablo and everything
18:57Defman600 paragon boy
18:57nathanrthat's why I have 3 pc's
18:57Defmanalmost completed the season
18:57Defmannathanr, that's why i don't have money
18:57Defmani bought diablo and vampyr
18:57nathanrget a job :p
18:58nathanrvampyr isnt out yet?
18:58Defmani'll get a job yeah
18:58Defmanprobably at a company named ActiveState
18:58Defmani heard there are good guys everywhere
18:58Defmanvampyr looks cool btw!
19:02nathanrDefman: fillup characters arent currently a thing
19:03Defmandidn't know
19:03nathanrgood stuff so far, keep it coming!
19:03Defmanhaven't seen it for a while
19:04Defmanfor modules i mean
19:04Defmane.g. JSON::
19:04DefmanI didn't get JSON itself as well
19:05Defmangood job on the new codeintel
19:05nathanryeah the import stuff for codeintel is completely rewritten
19:05Defmani like it
19:05Defmandaym i'd marry it but that would be weird a bit
19:06Defmangonna git clone some of my project to see the codeintel in action
19:07lagboxyea trying to get good intel from a laravel project atm
19:08Defmanhave to boot to linux huh
19:08Defmani'll go with some js projects then
19:08Defmanis codenitel for coffeescript a thing?
19:08nathanrkeep in mind the language scanners are still the same
19:09nathanrcodeintel is more reliable, and imports should be more thorough, but the language level intelligence is identical
19:09nathanrthat's phase 2
19:09nathanrthis is phase 1
19:09nathanrso PHP magic is still gonna need something like the IDE helper project
19:09nathanrfrankly that's unlikely to ever change cause PHP is cray
19:10lagboxyea just trying to get any go to definition to work, or some methods from a parent showing up
19:10DefmanWelcome to the PHP world!
19:10DefmanI'm a Mozilla volunteer now!
19:11Defmangonna help them with spreading the word about Firefox Nightly in Russia
19:11nathanrlagbox: be sure to report if it's something that worked in ko10
19:11Defmanbut Komodo is the top-ranked thing of course
19:12lagboxgo to definition is always, "could not find definition" for me atm
19:12lagboxi reset the codeintel db to see what happens
19:12nathanrresetting the db is not something you should be doing anymore
19:12nathanrbut it might not have indexed your project in the first place
19:13nathanrtry closing and reopening your project
19:13nathanryou should get a prompt to scan your files after a few seconds
19:13Defmanwhy i wrote everything in coffeescript
19:13nathanrlol ..
19:13nathanrif PHP is cray then coffeescript is mentally void
19:14Defmancoffeescript4life boy
19:14nathanrseriously, f*** that language
19:14Defmandab on the haters
19:14Defmanthat's js on steroids!
19:14nathanrno it's not
19:14DefmanCoffeescript 2.0 will bring a lot of cool features
19:14nathanrit's JS with a pointless level of inconsistent abstraction
19:15Defmanwell I have to write much less code so I'm good with it
19:15nathanrdo yourself a favor, use JS. Or look into TypeScript.
19:15Defmansearching though my repos and everything is COLOR SCHEMES FOR KOMODO
19:16nathanrthere's gonna come a point where you realize coffeescript sucks
19:16nathanrand at that point you will have a ton of code written in it
19:16nathanr(also see the devs of Atom)
19:16DefmanI'll do myself a favor and stick to vanilla JS then
19:16lagboxfor the filters part of the scan, max depth: 0 is correct ?
19:17Defmanthe ecosystem of JS is screwed for me
19:17nathanrlagbox: no
19:17nathanrdefault is 10
19:17nathanrI'm guessing you might have set it to 0 in Ko10?
19:17lagboxin the config its 10
19:17Defmanwhy Windows sucks so much when I'm trying to use Ruby in it
19:17lagboxin the dialogue that pops up its 0
19:18lagboxas soon as i hit the up arrow, it jumped to 11
19:18lagboxso it might have been on 10 but showing 0
19:18nathanrreport with screenshot please
19:19lagboxyea when that first came up when i opened the project the first time, it def didn't scan as this is only at 5% now
19:19lagboxso maybe that was a 0
19:19nathanrbe sure to manage your excludes
19:20nathanrexcludes can now contain paths too
19:20lagboxvery nice
19:21lagboxscan finished .. dang
19:22lagboxill keep a list so i can make some issues
19:22lagboxeverything is 'Could not find definition' for me
19:23Defman[2017-08-10 21:51:59,417] [DEBUG] ko.launch: versioncheck on
19:23Defman[2017-08-10 21:52:01,197] [DEBUG] ko.launch: Response: (404)
19:23Defmanwhat's that?
19:24Defmanthere's Preview, Browser Preview and Markdown Preview
19:24Defmanwhich one should I use for markdown preview?
19:24nathanrlagbox: please just report them as you run into them
19:25nathanrotherwise we'll just end up getting small bug reports with little context
19:25nathanrDefman: Markdown Preview shouldnt be there
19:25nathanryou see a separate button for markdown preview?
19:25nathanrreport please
19:42Defmanoh Xemmet pref injection is broken again :/
19:47Defmanhighlightvariable_groupbox disappeared. Has it been removed nathanr?
19:47nathanrit hasnt been added in yet
19:48nathanrplease feel free to report that
19:55Defmanko.toolbox2 is not a thing anymore?
19:55nathanryes it is
19:59Defmani can't access it anymore from the code (though it's working in the Console pane)
20:00nathanrfrom the code?
20:00Defmanyeah from the Xemmet code
20:01nathanrare you just calling `ko.toolbox` from your module without first defining ko?
20:01nathanryou should have `var ko = require("ko/windows").getMain().ko`
20:01Defmanyeah, how do i define it?
20:05Defmanthat worked, cool
20:23Defmannathanr, has jshint been updated?
20:23Defmanit's still 2.6.3 for me in the prefs
20:23nathanrplease just report anything you find
20:23nathanrif its invalid I'll close it
22:10Defmanis it an expected behavior that when i toggle the print statement, it adds a new line instead of replacing the one I clicked on?
22:12nathanrit's adding a print statement
22:12nathanrnot changing a line into a print statement
22:13Defmanshould it toggle the statement if i click on the same line? it just adds another statements for me :(
22:20mook_asBug reports go... github? (but then ot
22:20mook_asErr, but doing it for a non-public build seems wrong
22:21Defmanwhat's wrong with that? no sensitive info goes into the bug (at least i'm trying to keep the new features hidden)
22:22mook_asThat makes it harder to have clear bug reports :)
22:22DefmanI still refer to these parts, i just don't name them directly
22:22Defmani'm using "the documentation pane" instead of naming the actual name of it
22:23nathanrmook_as: yes github please :)
22:23nathanrwe're not that secretive
22:26Defmanso if i click on the same line twice, i should expect to get 2 print statements?
22:26nathanrif that line isnt itself a print statement; yes
22:45Defmangonna sleep. will boot to linux and test komodo 11 there. thanks for giving the alpha to us, nathanr!
11 Aug 2017
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