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7 Oct 2017
01:12Waldoguys! Bugzilla actually looks a lot cleaner and nicer than it did five months ago, which is pretty surprising
01:15tcampbellone of the first things Hannes did when I started was grab my laptop, go to bugzilla and enable the preview of the new layout
01:29MelchiorGasparhas anyone fixed the Facebook JS HELL yet.. :P ;) ?_?
02:20WaldoMelchiorGaspar: you sound like you'd get along well with @horse_js ;-)
02:20MelchiorGasparhuh? O_o lol :P
02:22Waldodoes mozreview still not have a way to collapse file changes? :-( or maybe even to mark-as-reviewed, even :-(
02:41Waldooh, mark-as-reviewed requires being logged into mozreview, separately from BMO :-|
11:01* Yoric is discovering that `({ [1+1]: 10 })` is a legitimate snippet.
11:01* Yoric sighs.
11:13evilpieYoric: I think it's kind of cute
11:13Yoricevilpie: It is, until you need to support it.
11:14evilpieAt least this isn't a valid statement without the ()
11:33Yoricstandups: Fuzz, fix, fix fuzzer, rinse, repeat.
11:33standupsOk, submitted #51769 for
8 Oct 2017
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