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10 Sep 2017
04:13gkwtill: ping about bug 1379686 - just wondering if it fell off the radar
04:13firebot NEW, Assertion failure: IsConstructor(args.CallArgs::newTarget()) (provided value must be a co
11:05smaugjandem: Quite a bit time spent under IonSetPropertyIC
11:05smauganything to optimize there?
11:13smaughmm, but maybe that is before the test starts to run
11:14smaugprofiler UI is getting so crowded. Way too many annotations added
11:47jandemsmaug: hm is that a recent Nightly?
11:51jandemhm bug 1398140 should have eliminated the IonSetPropertyIC::update call there
11:51firebot NEW, Consider removing the Ion helper thread pausing
11:51jandemer bug 1388388
11:51firebot FIXED, Add a megamorphic SetElem stub
11:53jandemit's possible this is a define/init, not a set
11:54jandemthe w function does call map so it could be _DefineDataProperty
11:57jandemsmaug: want to file a bug?
11:58jandemhm probably not map because we go on to add a non-dense element
11:59smaugbug 1398578
11:59firebot NEW, Investigate if there is anything to optimize in IonSetPropertyIC or in its usage
11 Sep 2017
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