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19 May 2017
12:07bbouvierh4writer: as a fyi, i will update AWFY's "blog" link to point it to the JS team's blog, is that ok for you?
14:47decodernbp: is still happening quite frequently
14:47decoderand has a 1 year old needinfo
14:47decodercan you check? thx :)
15:30tcampbelljandem: have a few minutes?
15:38tcampbellcancel that. I found a problem in my proposal
15:48jandemtcampbell: okay
15:59tcampbellnbp: ping
16:03tcampbellnbp: ResumePoint question: If I have MInstructions that can OOM (but never throws a catchable exception, and is otherwise not effectful), is it reasonable to have no resumeAfter. I would expect the OOM throw would rollback to last ResumePoint and be in a consistent state
16:04tcampbell(With a catchable exception we have problems of observable behavior so a resumeAfter is required for the catch to see the correct values)
17:26bbouviertcampbell: fwiw, i think nbp is on pto this friday
17:27tcampbellbbouvier: thanks. I'll double-check next week with him
20 May 2017
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