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18 May 2017
12:59lthbbouvier: i see some float wasm test failures on a 32-bit build on linux
12:59lthbbouvier: most likely i forgot a flag
12:59lthbbouvier: i thought -march=core2 would do it but apparently not
12:59lthbbouvier: any thoughts on which flag i'm missing?
12:59lth(gcc 5.4.0)
13:18bbouvierlth: oops was away, will find you the flags
13:18bbouvier-m32 -mfpmath=sse -msse -msse2
13:19lthbbouvier: thanks!
13:19bbouvierlth: ^
13:19* bbouvier bumps the priority of putting these into the configure script...
15:46tcampbellnbp: ping
15:46nbptcampbell: pong
19 May 2017
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