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17 May 2017
07:38h4writer_bbouvier: ping
07:44bbouvierh4writer_: howdy
07:45h4writer_bbouvier: small question. Did you already add yourself to get the mails from awfy?
07:45h4writer_bbouvier: in control_task
07:46h4writer_*control_tasks (in db)
07:46bbouvierh4writer_: not yet, i've got to fix that too
07:47h4writer_bbouvier: secondly you put a permission on "task.php", which all the slaves use to get their next task to execute
07:47h4writer_bbouvier: as a result no slave is able to run
07:47bbouvierh4writer_: oops, did i do that really?
07:47bbouvierthat might have been a mistake
07:48h4writer_bbouvier: (yeah I'm getting overwhelmed with mails that the slaves are not running. And after investigating that is the issue ;))
07:54bbouvierh4writer_: i hesitated asking you for review, i should have -_-'
07:54bbouvierh4writer_: are you ok doing small review for awfy? :D
07:54h4writer_bbouvier: sure
07:55h4writer_bbouvier: note that the mails are the best feedback if everything is still working correctly ;)
07:59h4writer_I might be gone for the next 30minutes though
18 May 2017
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