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14 Mar 2017
08:06jandemdmajor: pong
08:06dmajorjandem: hey
08:07jandemhey didn't expect a reply around this time
08:07dmajorthis week has been weird :)
08:08dmajorso vs2017 has a new optimizer that I'd like to measure
08:08dmajorand I was thinking spidermonkey (but not JIT, of course) would be a good thing to look at, since I don't have to worry about PGO
08:08dmajordo you know of any non-JIT workloads that I could look at?
08:09jandemwhat do you mean by "don't have to worry about PGO?" We do have PGO enabled for JS these days AFAIK?
08:09dmajorreally? I thought it got turned off
08:10jandemin js/src/ we set no_pgo for two source files
08:12dmajorjandem: but it was turned off in the past, right? just want to make sure I'm not remembering the wrong directory...
08:13jandemdmajor: yeah it has been turned off at some point, looking for the bugs..
08:14jandemthat was a false alarm
08:14jandemi think we disabled it for VS 2010 only
08:15jandemspeedometer, octane, maybe sunspider, would be useful benchmarks - they spend a fair amount of time in the VM/Gecko
08:16jandemalso things like wasm compilation times
08:16jandembut you probably want a PGO build..
08:17dmajorguess I'll have to bite the bullet
08:17dmajorwell, thanks for the tips and for teaching me that my mental model of the build is completely broken :)
08:18jandemnp, I'm interested in the results :)
08:43h4writerjandem: ping
08:44jandemh4writer: pong
11:03* nbp is gonna fake the FHS in order to run binary downloaded from a **trusted**-server.
14:21nbplth: any reason for removing the ni? form Bug 932627 ?
14:38tcampbellh4writer: ping
14:38h4writertcampbell: hey
14:39h4writertcampbell: sorry I didn't realize the winter/summer time transition. I thought I still had an hour
14:39tcampbelloh shoot, I can wait
14:39h4writertcampbell: I'm firing up vidyo
14:40h4writernow is fine ;)
14:40tcampbellforgot that DST is a regional thing
14:40h4writertcampbell: we have it in a few weeks
14:57bbouvierowait, glad you mentioned it, i'm in the same situation
14:58h4writerbbouvier: hehe
14:58nbp"Daylight saving time", is when you put time in a saving account in order to use it during summer?
14:59tcampbellndp: yes, but the interest rate is lousy
15:04lthnbp: just looked stale, that's all
15:06nbplth: We (jandem, hannes, and I) discussed this topic in Ljubljana about pre-compiling trampoline functions, such as VMFunction wrappers.
15:07nbplth: but I am single focussed on the bytecode cache right now, so I keep pilling ni? for the moment.
15:07lthnbp: feel free to ni? yourself... i just figured an ni? that's been unresolved for a very long time is just noise but probably that's individual...
15:08nbplth: already did ;)
19:52decodersstangl: i see this error when building mozilla-central locally either with clang-3.9 or 4.0:
19:52decoder6:57.61 /srv/repos/mozilla-central/js/src/vtune/ittnotify_static.c:308:20: error: passing an object that undergoes default argument promotion to 'va_start' has undefined behavior [-Werror,-Wvarargs]
19:52decoder6:57.61 va_start(args, code);
19:52decoder6:57.61 ^
19:52decoder6:57.61 /srv/repos/mozilla-central/js/src/vtune/ittnotify_static.c:305:49: note: parameter of type '__itt_error_code' (aka 'enum __itt_error_code') is declared here
19:52decoder6:57.61 static void __itt_report_error(__itt_error_code code, ...)
19:52decoder6:57.61 ^
19:52decoder6:57.62 1 error generated.
19:52decoderthis is from the profiling code, right?
20:22sstangldecoder: yeah, that file is from VTune integration
20:26sstangldecoder: Intel decided to pass an enum, can just change it to 'int', sigh.
15 Mar 2017
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