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9 Sep 2017
04:03gerdHello! I am Gerd and I am currently setting up the Firefox dev environment on my mac. How long is the dep install going to take?
09:18CosmIs it possible to work on two issues using the same base source code ?
09:19CosmSay we are working on issues A and B.
09:19CosmA requires files a,b,c to be modified/created and B requires x,y,z
09:21CosmSo for can we separate issue A and B's testing/committing from one another ?
09:21Cosmor we have to finish A completely first and then only go on to solve B.
09:24CosmAlso, set of files (a,b,c) and (x,y,z) are independent of each other.
10:29mib_wsrungHi when I run $ hg pull inbound I get a warning transaction abort!
10:29mib_wsrungand this abort: HTTP request error (incomplete response; expected 5921 bytes got 2079)
10:31mib_wsrungI just need to update the code to the latest version ... I did a clone before and used the uncompressed switch which worked. It took about five hours but it worked
10:31mib_wsrungI dont think I can use uncompressed with hg pull?
16:58docbrownI'm going through mach's Mercurial setup wizard and it's asking: "Will you be submitting commits to Mozilla?" Does that mean committing directly to the repo (which I'm not) or submitting patches (which I am)?
17:05Aryxdocbrown: likely the latter one
17:13docbrownAryx: Thanks. I went with the default (Y) and it seems fine.
10 Sep 2017
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