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9 Oct 2017
06:19suvirbGood morning, is there somewhere record of which version of gcc was used for ff 17 release? 4.7 ?
06:44araithere might be some hint
06:45araiin the page history
06:51suvirbthanks. good to know that ff25 has c++11 as minimum
08:48mr_fribbleHi. I would like to ask if there is a document on the flow of control for firefox. Code base for Firefox is huge for a new entrant and flow control (about what gets first executed and where the control goes in case of event) would certainly help. Thank you.
11:08* suvirb it seems xulrunner sdk size changed from 400mb to 60 mb between 20 and 21.
14:05suvirbhi. seeems like nsresult is changed in ff24. How do one supposed to use nsresult now?
14:07araiin what case?
14:08suvirbour application had a bunch of own nsresult codes defined in a enum { .... } - now we run into some C++ compiler errors because of the strong-type enum with C++-11
14:09araiah, definition?
14:09suvirbwhich would be the right way to have our own application specific nsresult codes ? or should we just not ?
14:10suvirband now this fails in switch case, case NS_ERROR_BASE + MOSTMessage::MOSTErrorEnum_UnknownCommand:
14:11araimaybe, add it to xpcom/base/ ?
14:12suvirbcan't find Mozilla XULRunner 24.0 - 20130910160258
14:13araiErrorList.h maybe?
14:13suvirbhmm....found it.
14:16suvirbthanks arai , i will look into ERROR macro and see if i can use it
18:01ellipticaldoorhi :)
10 Oct 2017
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