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9 Aug 2017
04:40HKHello everyone. I am new to Mozilla, could you suggest a project I can contribute to as a coder(C++, C, Python, Java), taking me as a beginner to open source.
07:55mikoAlso the link from the topic:
08:59mib_1dkrfwuntil firefox 54 you could ctrl-t to open a new tab and ctrl-z to complete in the location bar the previous tab's address
09:00mib_1dkrfwthis doesn't work in firefox 55
09:00mib_1dkrfwis this a bug? or is it on purpose?
09:00arai_how it doen't work?
09:00mib_1dkrfwctrl-z doesn't complete the previous tab's address
09:01arai_let me check
09:02arai_indeed. it happens on clean profile on 55
09:03mib_1dkrfwok, so it's not only just me
09:03arai_while undo works on nightly
09:03arai_it could be a regression that is already fixed on nightly
09:04mib_1dkrfwI hope so, because ctrl-z is such a useful feature it would be sad to see it go
09:04arai_if you're interested into, you can find regression and fix in mozregression tool
09:07arai_or, look for closed bug in
09:18arai_for future reference it's fixed by
09:18firebotBug 1369592 WONTFIX, After opening a new blank tab, ^z doesn't fill the address bar with the URL of the previous tab.
09:18arai_the regression is from
09:18firebotBug 1358025 FIXED, Don't create transaction when script sets input.value
09:19arai_oops, the bug number was wrong
09:19eclipseoit's fixed in my nightly compiled last Saturday
09:20arai_the first one was WONTFIXed, I think it's fixed by other bug
09:20arai_maybe something under bug 1358025
09:30arai_so, for future reference (again), it's apparently fixed by bug 1386222
09:30firebot FIXED, Text in URL/location/address bar is garbled/overlapping/corrupted/not rendered correctly
12:39arrowI am trying to create a patch for a bug on bugzilla, I have done the changes locally.When I am trying to run hg bzexport in terminal,I am getting a "refresh first" message.Can someone help me out.
12:53arrowI am trying to create a patch for a bug on bugzilla, I have done the changes locally.When I am trying to run hg bzexport in terminal,I am getting "refresh first" message.Can someone help me out.
13:05mib_egy1qdhi can any one help me to tell syntax for how to export after commiting in mercurial
13:07jdmmib_egy1qd: `hg export` will give you the diff of the most recent commit
13:23rajeev29fiveafter using "hg push review", I'm getting this message "pushing to searching for appropriate review repository redirecting push to (ignoring public changeset a921bfb8a2cf in review request) abort: no non-public changesets left to review (add or change the -r argument to in"
13:23rajeev29fivecan anyone explain what this message is
13:26Aryxrajeev29five: sounds like all commits are already public. did you commit your changes for review?
13:31rajeev29fivei was following the instrucrtion on this page ""
13:31rajeev29fivei used just "hg push review"
13:38mib_egy1qdcam any one tell me the right syntax of " hg export -r>~/bug1378422.patch"
13:38firebot NEW, Indicate that packages currently only support Python 2
13:38jdmmib_egy1qd: -r requires a revision argument
13:39jdmwhich `hg log` shows you
13:39mib_egy1qdcan u tell me how to do it
13:39jdmmib_egy1qd: you need to figure out the revision number of the commit that you want to export
13:40mib_egy1qdwhat is it
13:40jdmmib_egy1qd: `hg log` shows output like this: "changeset: 413909:cc99e76a859e"
13:41jdmmib_egy1qd: so if I wanted to export that changeset, I would use `-r 413909` or `-r cc99e76a859e`
13:42mib_egy1qdthere are many but how to make it for alll
13:42jdmmib_egy1qd: what does "all" mean?
13:43mib_egy1qdall change changesets
13:45jdmmib_egy1qd: I sti
13:45jdmmib_egy1qd: I still don't understand what you want to do.
13:46jdmyou want all of mozilla-central contained in one diff?
13:48mib_egy1qdlast time i did something like"hg export -r.>bug 1378422.patch" did'nt remember the syntax correctly
13:48firebot NEW, Indicate that packages currently only support Python 2
13:48mib_egy1qdwhich created a patch file also for me
13:49mib_egy1qdcan you help me to correct my syntax
13:49mib_egy1qdi am new to this
13:52jdmmib_egy1qd: if you just want the latest commit as a diff, `hg export >1378422.patch` will do that
16:58mib_inudnican someone help me locate where ConfirmEx is defined? its declared in nsIPrompt.idl but i cant find its definition
17:07mib_inudnithe function is defined in javascript?
17:07jdmmib_inudni: yes. the IDL allows us to use methods defined in JS from C++, and methods defined in C++ from JS
17:08mib_inudnii see thank you very much
10 Aug 2017
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