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8 Sep 2017
08:14firebotBug 1397128 UNCONFIRMED, Crash on
16:57ankGood With C/C++/JAVA . Interested in contributing to Mozilla. Can anybody help me with that
17:04mbrubeckank: welcome! has some first steps for getting and building the Firefox source code, and finding a bug to work on
17:13Jack_ Does anyone know how can I find my username and password back if I forgot them
19:07kermitis there a way to build just changes or does the whole project have to be recompiled every time?
19:11foxkermit: You can do ' /mach build faster' if you're only changing front end stuff.
19:53ShoozzaHello I'd like to improve the "save as" behavior in Firefox to append (1),(2),(3) if the file already exists. Is this something that can be done with js or do i need c++?
20:39mbrubeckShoozza: I'm not 100% sure but it looks like the relevant JS code might be here
20:40mbrubeckor at least a starting point
21:49plujonI'd like to build the latest released Fennec from source. After doing hg clone , should I build from tip or check out a specific tag?
9 Sep 2017
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