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8 Oct 2017
14:26SVanAccoleyenHi Guys! I just achieved to compile Firefox by myself, what could i possibly do now to contribute to this awesome software?
14:28araiwelcome back
14:28araiso, you've done step 1 there
14:28SVanAccoleyenThank you!
14:28araithe next one is step 2
14:29araiI'd suggest looking into this
14:29araithere you can search mentored bugs
14:30SVanAccoleyenOk! That's a cool website thank you!
14:30SVanAccoleyenThank you for your patience! I'mma try to find an easy bug to fix :) Have a good day!
17:20Cheburekovichwhere in firefox (esr 45) code im can change order window.navigator? Im search but didnt find :(
9 Oct 2017
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