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7 Sep 2017
00:02jdmmermi: yep!
00:05mermigreat. it seems like there's a problem with rust. I installed it from per the instructions, but when I ran mach bootstrap it failed - CalledProcessError: Command '[u'c:/Users/rmichardson\\.cargo\\bin\\rustup', 'target', 'add', 'i686-pc-windows-msvc']' returned non-zero exit status 1. I ran `rustup add i686-pc-windows-msvc` which failed (cont...)
00:07mermierror: missing key: 'url'. so I ran `rustup update`. after that, I ran the target add command again and got this error: error: toolchain 'stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc' does not contain component 'rust-std' for target 'i1686-pc-windows-msvc'
00:07mermithat's where I am now
00:08* jdm saw someone asking about this yesterday
00:10jdmmermi: what about `rustup self update`?
00:11mermi$ rustup self updateinfo: checking for self-updates
00:11mermithat's all it did; not sure if that's the output if there was nothing to update
00:12jdmas in, you are back at the terminal prompt again?
00:12jdmoh wait, I think I see it
00:12jdmare you building on a 32-bit system?
00:13mermiit's actually a 64 bit system
00:13mermiI'm a little confused about the i1686 package too
00:13jdmyeah, that seems surprising
00:17jdmso is the code that is presumably running here?
00:17jdmare you using the mozillabuild environment?
00:17mermiyeah I'm using mozillabuild
00:18jdmwhat if you try changing line 45 to use x86_64-pc-windows-msvc instead?
00:18jdmmaybe run `rustup add x86_64-pc-windows-msvc` first
00:24mermitrying a couple things out
00:28mermiI tried running the rustup-init.exe from that url with the arguments changed to install i1686 but that didn't seem to do anything
00:28mermialso changing to x86 in threw the same error
00:28mermi'x86_64-pc-windows-msvc']' returned non-zero exit status 1
00:30mermialso a weird thing, whenever I do rustup target add it throws the missing key url error, but if I do rustup update it will throw the other error. it reverts back to throwing the missing key error whenever the mingw terminal is restarted and I have to do rustup update again
00:31araiI saw some other people bumping into the "url" error. looks like it's somewhat common these days
00:32mermiI was only able to find a thread about it from april on github
00:32mermiit seemed like they fixed it by updating rust, but unfortunately I think I have the latest version
00:33araibug 1397279 maybe?
00:33firebot FIXED, mach bootstrap is installing / overwriting with a super-old rustup
00:34mermilol it says 0.2.0 in the url
00:34mermiI should have noticed that
01:09mermiI installed the rust stuff manually and commented it out of
01:09mermiseems to be working
01:10mermithanks for your help
07:57cosmo0920Hi, I'm wondering if there is a script or mach subcommand to build firefox release source tarball. Does anyone know about it?
08:27DuClarecosmo0920: I'd expect mach package to do it, but the documentation is sparse..
08:28cosmo0920Thanks, DuClare. But I found provides source-package target what I looking for....
08:28DuClareOh, soure tarball. Sorry I misread :)
09:14casperlHi, when I open firefox, it always open last website automaticly, how to avoid that
09:17apoorvasingh-MIs Mozilla going to participate in round 15 of outreachy?
14:17yurican you hear me?
14:17DuClareI can ear you.
14:18yuriThanks. May I ask questions related to webextension API here?
14:18DuClareI guess you can, though there's probably a better place for that
14:19DuClareThere's #extdev
14:19DuClareAccording to
14:19yuriGot it, I will try in webextension channel.
14:20yuriOh, thanks, I will try extdev
14:20DuClare#webextensions might be a good place too
20:33Jack_Does anyone know why "mk_add_options" and "ac_add_options"command not wokring?
20:34grenewodewhat happens?
20:34araihow it doesn't work?
20:41Jack_Configuring building options. After creating a "mozconfig" file in mozilla-central folder, I tried typing "mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=@TOPSRCDIR@/obj-ff-dbg" and received "mk_add_options " command not found.
20:43araiwhere did you type?
20:43arai(sounds like you've typed to shell directly
20:43araiyou need to add those lines in mozconfig file
20:43Jack_In terminal
20:44araiopen mozconfig file in text editor and type there
20:47Jack_Whoops, I misunderstand that.
20:47araiare you following some document on MDN or somewhere? if there's some misleading explanation, it would be nice to fix that also
20:51Jack_I am following the introduction on website, I think the explanation is clear but I misunderstand that. Thanks for help !
20:58DuClareAnyone know if there's supposed to be something to limit the open files via service workers' cache api?
20:59DuClareThere seems to be a little problem with it.. but I haven't spent any time on the logic yet
21:47adrian17I am interested in taking a bug mentored by Matthew Wein, but it seems like he wasn't active on bugzilla for over a month. Should I still needinfo him, or someone other?
21:54araiwhich bug?
21:55firebotBug 1364784 NEW, WebExtensions: key combination for "command" limited to (Alt|Ctrl)+Shift
21:57araiif you have questions, you could ask as bug comment
21:58adrian17I have a comment with questions ready, was just wondering about the needinfo field :)
21:59araithen, I'd suggest first ni?-ing the mentor
8 Sep 2017
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