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6 Aug 2017
02:06mozNewbtrying to build and run firefox on windows
02:06mozNewband facing some problems with LLVM_CONFIG
02:07mozNewbcan i get some help ?
02:07araiwhat's the problem?
02:08mozNewbexact error is the following :Could not find LLVM/Clang installation for compiling stylo build-time"
02:08mozNewbthis is during running the mach build command
02:09araihave you run "./mach bootstrap"?
02:09mozNewbno does not say to run that in the website /Developer_guide/Build_Instructions/Windows_Prerequistes
02:10araihm, I guess it needs to be updated
02:11mozNewbso should i run that , at this point ?
02:11mozNewbbootstrap command ?
02:11araibefore running mach build
02:11araiiiuc, it's a recent change that requires llvm
02:11mozNewbsorry what is iiuc ?
02:12arai"If I understand correctly"
02:12mozNewbsorry.. havent been in a irc chat room since 2003
02:12mozNewbso a bit rusty
02:13mozNewbbut u are positive i need to run the bootstrap command during the windows installation ?
02:13mozNewbok here goes
02:17araiI saw some people running it on windows these days
02:18mozNewbok so it asking me questions and im answering as best as i can
02:19mozNewbhopefully i wont end up hosing everythig
02:19mozNewbcurrently running the mercurial install validator
02:45mozNewb_colloquywow that is a lot questions to answer just to download a source control client
02:46araithere are several options that some people want and some other people don't
02:47mozNewb_colloquywhich frankly i dont even care about right now i just want to download the source, look at the code, and be able to run in locally
02:48araiI thought you could skip whole mercurial setup
02:48mozNewb_colloquydidnt give me an option on that
02:48araihm, strange
02:48mozNewb_colloquyok so now it says ur system should be ready to build firefox for desktop
02:48mozNewb_colloquyso do i run mach build now ?
02:49araiif it doesn't solve the issue, might be better asking in #build channel
02:49mozNewb_colloquyok cool . thank you i will although im lucky i guess that u responded with mins
02:50araiyou're welcome
02:50mozNewb_colloquyi didnt wanna leave an annonymous post somewhere and then check back 3 days later
02:50mozNewb_colloquyare u a frequent committer or something ?
02:51araiusually most channels are more active in US weekdays daytime
02:51mozNewb_colloquyvery cool
02:51mozNewb_colloquyso definitely way farther in the build process than ive been in the last two days
02:52mozNewb_colloquyso ur bootstratp suggestion was right on the money
04:51milindlI am trying to debug a patch I wrote. mozilla crashes with a call to abort(). So as given in I am using `mach run --debug`, then `b abort`. But the issue is that it doesn't actually break when mozilla aborts. Is there anything I am doing incorrectly?
04:51araiwhich process crashes?
04:51araithere are multiple processes now
04:52araiyou need to attach to the process that crashes
04:54milindloh, that makes sense. I'm not sure which process it is in. (I get a message with the PID in it, but that is _after_ the crash
04:54milindlis there a way to find out what process it is in
04:54araiI'm not sure, but you could try using non-e10s mode, so that there's only one process
04:55arai(if the crash also happens there
04:55milindlok, I will try doing that
05:07milindlI'm trying to do that, but I'm not really sure how (except opening up nightly and using 'preferences' or 'about:config' - which I can't because it aborts before I can). I think --disable-e10s is just for mochitests
05:08araimach run also has the option
05:08araiat least in help
05:10milindl--disable-e10s doesn't seem to give any luck. will different threads also be an issue in this situation?
05:12milindl(because my code runs not on the main thread)
05:13araithreads don't matter I think
05:14araiis the crash logged to terminal?
05:16milindlyes, it is is the last few lines before the crash
05:16araiwhat happens if you add breakpoint to mozalloc_abort ?
05:17araior maybe just add to _PR_InvalidStatus ?
05:20milindlI actually tried doing that in the first place. (using _PR_InvalidStatus) but it says that _PR_InvalidStatus is not defined. Right now I also tried `b mozalloc_abort` but I can still not get it to break
05:21araiyeah, sometimes functions are in XUL library, and it's not yet loaded when you start debugger
05:21araihave you tried running after setting breakpoint to them?
05:24milindlit is given in the guide that if a library is not loaded, I can set pending breakpoints, but I'm not sure how to actually do that
05:24araijust adding a breakpoint with "b" will work
05:25araiwhen the library is loaded, the debugger will set it
05:28milindlok, so I should try finding what library has the relevant function (since as of now `b _PR_InvalidStatus` is saying that the method isn't defined, so I can't do much with it)
05:30araidoesn't it say it's setting pending breakpoint?
05:30araiwhen you do "b ..."
05:32milindlit says "Function "_PR_InvalidStatus" not defined." if I simply use 'b ...`
05:33araiwhat happens if you run after that?
05:34milindlnothing, same as if I run it without that
05:34araihm, strange
05:37araiwhat happens if you add printf or something to the top of _PR_InvalidStatus ?
05:37araido you see the code executed?
05:38milindllet me try doing that, compiling and running
05:48milindlso, it turns out, the mistake was mine; my gdb was not properly configured. I can now break and see the backtrace :)
05:48milindlthanks for your help arai
15:20lilybetHey there. I had a doubt about the patch ""
15:20firebotBug 1387036 NEW, ./mach clang-format - improve the git filter
15:21lilybeti am begineer and this will be my first patch.
15:21lilybeti wanted to confirm the whether the file tools/ is correct for this bug
15:26araiyeah, that file may be relevant
15:27lilybetDo you think any other file needs to be modified for this?
15:28araiI'm not sure about the details. it would be nice to ask the mentor
15:28araithey're in #developers channel
15:28lilybetthank you so much
15:29araiyou can also ask as bug comment
7 Aug 2017
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