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21 Apr 2017
05:20kassiomaiaHi, I'm a difficult to run the script, when I'm running after to choice the firefox version the script's show me the error message: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xcb in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)
05:22kassiomaiaHi, I'm a difficult to run the script, when I'm running after to choice the firefox version the script's show me the error message: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xcb in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)
10:12hhhh1612hey what is a flag needinfo
10:12hhhh1612I am getting
10:13matrixisrealhhhh1612: isn't the name self explanatory? :P
10:15hhhh1612yes so i need to reply for it !
10:15firebotBug 1355819 NEW, Editing a selector doesn't work: "Protocol error (unknownError): sheet.ownerNode is null"
10:17matrixisrealhhhh1612: yep, while writing a comment you need to clear the need info, if u think you answered his question. ;)
10:18hhhh1612matrixisreal: thanks :)
10:22hhhh1612bug 1366819 what does selector means here in STR
10:22hhhh1612srry it is
12:52luisbghello! I'm Luis and I'm starting to play again with mozilla-central
12:52luisbgI just followed this guide:
12:52luisbgand realized that when I do the second build with ./mach build again, it takes a long time
12:52luisbgeven if there are no changes at all
12:53luisbgare there any pages listing the workflow for when I start touching the code? so I only build the changes (in gecko) and not the entire project?
12:56Standard8luisbg: are you likely to be touching just the javascript/frontend code, or c++ code as well?
13:03hhhh1612:Standard8: hey
13:07Standard8hhhh1612: hi
13:08hhhh1612Standard8: I will try to submit file today
13:10Standard8great :-)
13:12hhhh1612Whom are you saying so!
13:14luisbgStandard8: have a bug assigned for in the CSS engine, and want to touch the SVG one as well
13:15luisbgStandard8: so I built it Full Mode instead of Artifact mode
13:15Standard8luisbg: yeah thats right. A second rebuild shouldnt rebuild everything, but you might want to look at enabling ccache which can help
13:16luisbgStandard8: just to clarify, second build is running "./mach build" again in the mozilla-central root folder
13:17Standard8itll go through a lot, but it should generally be shorter
13:17Standard8well, depending on which files you touch
13:18luisbgright now it is talking the same time
13:18luisbgI have a mozconfig file with this:
13:18luisbgac_add_options --enable-debug --disable-optimize
13:18luisbgto be able to debug things more easily
13:18Standard8yeah debug builds are also slower
13:18luisbgStandard8: how do I enable ccache for this? I've only used it with Linux kernel code before
13:19Standard8if youve got ccache installed (or install it), then you just need to add:
13:19Standard8ac_add_options --with-ccache
13:19Standard8you probably want to make sure you CCache size is big enough
13:19Standard8I normally use around 10G on mac
13:21luisbgStandard8: I add that to my exisintg acc_add_options line in mozconfig or as a new one?
13:21Standard8as a new one
13:24luisbgStandard8: cool! will rebuild with that mozconfig to fill up the ccache and then test how much it drops the build
13:27luisbgStandard8: so if I understand what I read online, components are very intertwinned and not modularized, which is why you can't just ask mach to rebuild a single folder in the source code
13:27luisbgand you need to rebuild the whole project, hoping that the build system and ccache shave off work that has already been done
13:29Standard8luisbg: yeah, you can sometimes, but I think theres still one directory in toolkit somewhere that youd need to rebuild as well. Theyve been improving the build system from what it was, but it still isnt quite perfect yet
13:29luisbgStandard8: gotcha :)
13:29luisbgthanks for the help
15:30methcookHi I want to contribute to mozilla!
15:31methcookMy area of expertise is python
15:31methcookwhat are the projects that i should work on
15:33methcookI have been to this website : whatcanidoformozilla
15:44luisbgis there a special way to create patches for bugzilla? or the return of hg diff is OK?
15:45luisbgmethcook: that website is a good resource to find what projects Mozilla has that need Python developers
15:45araihg export is better
15:45araihg diff doesn't contain commit message and author info
15:46methcook@luisbg thanks!
15:48luisbgmethcook: no problem
16:01Standard8luisbg: alternately use mozreview:
16:04luisbgStandard8: I tried using hg bzexport -e and it had some Python failure
16:04luisbgStandard8: what is the difference between mozreview and submitting the patch file to bugzilla?
16:05Standard8luisbg: for mozreview, you basically push the commits to the review repository. It them posts that on the bug
16:05Standard8it gives a slightly different flow, including the opportunity to use our autoland options (if you have permissions)
16:05luisbgStandard8: cool! will look into that soon
16:06luisbgright now this is just a work-in-progress patch, so don't need all the bells and whistles ;)
22 Apr 2017
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