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18 May 2017
09:14HomangaI am getting errors after typing mozilla - build. Please help!
09:46DexterHomanga, did you install the build pre-requisite?
09:47DexterHomanga, looks like
09:47firebotBug 1323381 UNCONFIRMED, mozilla build failed, says 8dot3 filenames disabled?
09:47HomangaI am getting the errors while doing the initial installation of mozilla
09:47HomangaI have already installed the pre requisites
09:48DexterHomanga, please see comment 7 and comment 11 on that bug
09:48HomangaDexter, Thank you. Am looking at it
19:56Atomic_NZeJ9hey folks! does somebody of you know an addon which can measure and limit a configurable amount of data i can process daily?
19 May 2017
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