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17 Jul 2017
10:48akshatbHey hi. I know a bit of python, and I want to start contributing. I made an account on bugzilla, but it is mighty hard to identify a bug which is easy to fix. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?
10:55Standard8akshatb: is probably a good starting place
10:55Standard8Ive set it to python, unowned & simple bugs
10:55Standard8you can change the filters on the left
10:55akshatbOkay, I'm on it. Thanks!
22:04vpalI have been able to build firefox for android and run it on my phone.. where can I find a bug to work on?
23:04shatur-Mvpal: you can change filters and can find simple and unowned bugs as well!
23:06vpalI have imported the repository as a project in Android studio and I am getting this error during Gradle sync
23:07vpalError:The "android" command is no longer included in the SDK. Any references to it (e.g. by third-party plugins) should be removed.
23:11shatur-Mvpal: try asking this in #mobile
18 Jul 2017
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