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17 Apr 2017
02:15zero-onehowdy, was hoping someone could explain this to me:
02:15zero-onefirefox gets a SIGSEGV on start after trying to readlink() /proc/self/exe
02:16zero-onethis is 52.0.2
03:32fuslHi. My Firefox (52.0.2 64bit) on my openSUSE machine recently started crashing several times per day, sometimes by simply clicking links or doing some other simple stuff. I've catched Firefox segfaulting three times by now with GDB, every time with a similar backtrace: Crash #1:, #2:, #3:
03:32fusl - I'm now looking for some help further triaging this crash
03:34fuslAlso, I hope I have reported and asked about this problem in the right channel, if not and I might have better chances asking somewhere else, please let me know
03:42fuslLooking at the DumpJSStack output, it looks like LastPass might be causing this but I'm unsure whether I'm interpreting this GDB output correctly
03:42fuslTried disabling LastPass for now and see if I can reproduce it
04:32arai_fusl: maybe bug 1354294 ?
04:32firebot FIXED, Crashes (null Deref) in ScriptedProxyHandler::construct with lastpass addon
04:33arai_can you check if it happens on 53, where it's fixed?
04:34fuslLooks like that's the same issue I'm having
04:35fuslNo update candidate for 'MozillaFirefox-52.0.2-1.1.x86_64'. The highest available version is already installed.
04:35arai_53 is beta
04:35arai_unfortunately 52 is marked as wontfix
04:36arai_but I guess 53 will be released tomorrow
04:37arai_so I think it will become available on each distro in a few days
04:38fuslShould have switched to nightly long time ago but it doesn't work well on my openSUSE setup
04:42fuslThanks arai_ and firebot for the quick information on this. Gonna run Firefox without LastPass for now then
04:42arai_you're welcome
04:42fusl(firebot for linking the bug, heh)
15:04DigitallyBornHi, everybody!
15:05DigitallyBornI'm working on backporting a bug fix to the 45esr, but I'm having a hell of a time getting ff to compile. Generally issues with jsmath.cpp, but the error seems to change everytime I try to build. Are there any known hiccups I should look for?
15:06araiwhat error?
15:06araican you paste to ?
15:07DigitallyBornObviously, that's not the full build output
15:09araithe line now looks like this
15:09araiso, mozilla::Unused << ...
15:10araiif you&#39;ve modified something to cause that warning, applying the same thing would help
15:10DigitallyBornI&#39;ve only modified devtools/shared/webconsole/network-monitor.js
15:11DigitallyBornI&#39;m currently on the 9ff13e2532a4 changeset
15:11hhhh1612getting error with ./mach eslint
15:11hhhh1612Any idea!
15:11hhhh1612nodejs in Program Files
15:11araiI don&#39;t see 9ff13e2532a4 on esr45
15:12DigitallyBornarai: It&#39;s possible I&#39;ve used the wrong tag
15:12araianyway, I guess you could use artifact build
15:13araiso that you don&#39;t have to compile binaries
15:13araiin case you&#39;re only touching .js files
15:13arai(I hope it also works on esr45
15:14araihhhh1612: it sounds like &quot;node&quot; is not found in PATH
15:14araieven if you have nodejs installed there
15:14araimaybe you have to configure PATH environment variable
15:14arai(not sure how node.js configures itself on windows tho
15:15DigitallyBornarai: Oh, man. I hope that works. The full build is very time costly.
15:15hhhh1612:arai how to configure path
15:15araihhhh1612: I&#39;d suggest checking the installation guide of nodejs first
15:15DigitallyBornarai: &quot;esr45&quot; is the branch I should be using, yes?
15:15araihhhh1612: the one (nodejs program) you&#39;ve installed
15:16araiDigitallyBorn: branch on which repository?
15:16araiDigitallyBorn: I was thinking you&#39;re using this
15:16araiDigitallyBorn: maybe you&#39;re using mozilla-unified ?
15:16DigitallyBornOh, no. I grabbed the unified
15:16hhhh1612arai: k let me check.thanks
15:17DigitallyBornI&#39;m grabbing that repo. I hadn&#39;t come across that, yet
15:17araiDigitallyBorn: then &quot;fxtree: esr45&quot; head
15:17araiyou can checkout by &quot;hg co esr45&quot; I think
15:18arai(in mozilla-unified)
15:18DigitallyBornarai: Ok, &quot;hg update esr45&quot; is what I was using. That should be the same thing, I think.
15:19DigitallyBornIs that &quot;releases/mozilla-esr45&quot; a subset of the unified repository? Or just a shortcut to checkout the correct branch?
15:19DigitallyBornI&#39;m not too familiar with hg
15:19araibasically mozilla-esr45 is the master, and mozilla-unified does same magic to unify repositories
15:20araiso you can use all repositories from mozilla-unified
15:34DigitallyBornarai: I&#39;m a little confused ... when I &quot;hg log -b esr45&quot; I&#39;m seeing commits from today. How can I make sure I&#39;m looking at the last _released_ code?
15:34DigitallyBornFIREFOX_45_8_0esr_RELEASE also has commits for today
15:34araiit means some change happens today
15:34araiand it&#39;s latest
15:35DigitallyBornIs &quot;release&quot; in this context not the same as &quot;officially published&quot;?
15:37DigitallyBornOh ... I bet 45_8_0 hasn&#39;t been released ... that&#39;s the next release
15:37DigitallyBorn... and 45_7_0 is what I&#39;m looking for
15:37araiwhat does `hg log -r esr45` say?
15:38DigitallyBorndate: Mon Apr 17 07:57:48 2017 -0700
15:39araiwhat if `hg log -r FIREFOX_45_8_0esr_RELEASE` ?
15:39araiI guess &quot;-b&quot; option doesn&#39;t to what you want
15:39DigitallyBornhrm, maybe not
15:40DigitallyBornThose are on different commits. The _RELEASE tag is newer
15:40DigitallyBorn... but still today. Is the esr45 fxtree safe/accepted changes?
15:41DigitallyBornWhat I&#39;m going for here is as close to official as possible.
16:25loveidopeI&#39;m trying to figure out irc all over again! Someone post something if I&#39;m doing it right please
16:25mbrubeckloveidope: yup!
16:26loveidopeYay! I got one out of 186 to reply, I haven&#39;t been on irc since I was like 15 years old
16:27loveidopeWas that technically a PM or can the whole room see it?
16:27mbrubeckAll these messages are to the whole channel.
16:27loveidopeOkay cool
16:28loveidopeDo you know of any good, really active channels for beginners?
16:28mbrubeckPrefixing it with your username is just a convention; some IRC clients will beep or highlight messages when they contain your nickname.
16:28loveidopeOh, okay
16:28mbrubeckThis is the main channel for beginning Mozilla development, but it&#39;s not as active as the channels where the various development teams hang out.
16:29loveidopeHey there
16:29srxzrI want to compile firefox
16:29srxzrbut I get this error
16:29srxzr auto result(StrongOrRawPtr<mozilla::dom::TestJSImplInterface>(self->ExerciseTypedefInterfaces2(Constify(arg0), rv, js::GetObjectCompartment(unwrappedObj ? *unwrappedObj : obj))));
16:29srxzrlibdombindings_test_s.a.desc 0:45.39 .../mozilla-central/config/ recipe for target &#39;compile&#39; failed
16:29loveidopeCan you elaborate a bit on what &quot;Mozilla development&quot; actually means
16:30srxzrany idea
16:30mbrubeckloveidope: Writing code (or doing testing or other development tasks) for Firefox and other Mozilla projects
16:30loveidopeAre these employees or just personal people at home such as myself?
16:30araisrxzr: can you paste more output to ?
16:31loveidopeI&#39;m using an iPhone, I don&#39;t know if most of the people here are using PC or what
16:31mbrubeckloveidope: It&#39;s a mix. I&#39;m a Mozilla employee, but other people here contribute in their free time.
16:32loveidopeIs there a better way to reach public irc channels?
16:33loveidopeI&#39;m a 31 year old sitting at home bored, interested in coding and network security
16:33loveidopeI want to test weaknesses of networks
16:34araisrxzr: can you post last 200 lines?
16:34loveidopeIncluding my own, I would love to learn about IT
16:38araisounds like version mismatch or something like that
16:38araiwith cairo
16:41araitry checking the version of cairo installed on your system
16:46srxzr@arai tnx!
17:07srxzrany suggestion for IDE to edit firefox code ?
17:08hhhh1612what are you using!
17:09hhhh1612Have you build firefox
17:09srxzryes but without ide
17:15DigitallyBornarai: FYI, it doesn&#39;t look like artifacts are downloaded in the 45esr build when I followed those instructions
20:10DigitallyBornarai: I got a build! Thanks for your help.
23:48jamie_hey, how would i add an event listener for keypress in js eg. when someone hits the spacebar
18 Apr 2017
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