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16 May 2017
09:48dhugheso it took 4 hours to build and it went wrong - with lots of errors... so frustrating
09:49dhugheI am guessing that maybe its because I have a dual boot PC with windows and Linux and maybe somehow it got confused as there is a sepparate build on the Linux partition?
09:50dhugheI don't know why this should happen.. but I have deleted the source code from Linux now and am going to give it one more shot at building on windows
09:51araiwhat error?
09:51dhughei know this sounds stupid but why do I get bash: mach: command not found error - I am in the mozilla-central Dir?
09:52dhugheso many errors
09:52dhugheI can paste them into that pastebin?
09:53araiyou need to put "./" before "mach"
09:53dhugheafter 4 hours of building last night
09:54dhugheI will try ./mach .. but never had to do it before?
09:55dhugheits the same with ./
09:56arai_what error?
09:56dhughewhere shall I paste those erros?
09:58dhughejust pasted them
09:59dhughein the mozilla-central folder there should only be one folder called .hg right?
10:13dhughe why do I get bash: mach: command not found error - I am in the mozilla-central Dir?
10:14arai_it sounds line your repository is broken, or perhaps not yet configured correctly
10:14arai_how did you clone it?
10:14dhughehg clone
10:15arai_do you have the log of the command output?
10:15dhughefrom now?
10:15dhugheor from the failed build?
10:16arai_the last time you cloned
10:16arai_the output of "hg clone"
10:16dhughewhere would the log be?
10:17arai_only in terminal
10:17arai_so, if you've closed or it's scrolled away, there isn't
10:17dhugheI cloned it yesterday morning
10:17dhugheits gone
10:17arai_I'd suggest trying to repair the repository
10:17arai_or just clone again
10:18dhughewhy do you think mach is command not found?
10:18arai_because your repository doesn't have working tree
10:18arai_the other files than .hg
10:19dhugheI only have .hg folder in mozilla-central
10:19arai_so, I think hg clone stopped with some reason
10:19dhugheshould I have more stuff?
10:19dhugheyep .. like a .mach file?
10:19arai_hg clone first downloads all history to .hg
10:19arai_and then create working tree from it
10:20arai_so, if you have .hg only, it means it stopped before creating working tree
10:20dhugheso if I just delete the mozilla-central and source folders
10:20dhugheand clone again
10:20dhugheIve already deleted them from my Linux setup
10:22dhughedid you see those lines I pasted arai?
10:24arai_what lines?
10:24dhughein pastebin
10:24arai_please post the URL here
10:24arai_it's the URL for your paste
10:25dhugheI just pressed the send button?
10:25arai_so, please post the URL here
10:27dhughefrom line 240 onwards you can see the warnings
10:42arai_it contains no error
10:52stjepangHi! I'm one of the developers on the #crossbeam project. I'd like to register the channel and set up a topic, but nobody has op privileges in it. Who can I ask for op privileges?
17:48arshadVidyoDesktop client is having some problem on elementary os (based on ubuntu 16.04) I have installed it but it is not opening.. Any idea what to do next
17:55jdmarshad: try running it from a terminal window and see if any interesting messages appear?
17 May 2017
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